NCAAF Championship betting Maryland

Sports betting in Maryland is here at last after Governor Larry Hogan signed it into law in the Summer of 2021. So now that the NCAAF season is live, with the college football playoffs around the holidays. For those who have been waiting for the launch of NCAAF Championship betting in Maryland, get your bets ready and choose your sportsbooks.

Best options NCAAF Championship betting online – Maryland

The preseason college football championship odds have favored the usual powerhouses that dominate the college football playoffs every year – Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Georgia, LSU … so on and so forth.

There are sure to be more betting options for the college football playoffs. In particular, the NCAA Football Championship odds are bound to change throughout the playoffs and then during live in-game betting. So now is the time to choose which sportsbooks offer the most betting options, the best point spreads, and college football national championship odds.

If you enjoy live betting (who doesn’t?), check out the online betting sites that offer the best lineup of college football playoff prop bets.

We will discuss some of these in more detail below, but the best sites for College Football Championship betting in Maryland will be DraftKings, BetMGM, PointsBet, FanDuel, and BarStool Sportsbook.

Who offers the best College Football Championship betting odds and the best deals? Who is most reliable?

Best NCAAF Championship Betting in MD


Each of these Maryland sportsbooks offers promotions, live betting options, and mobile apps.

DraftKings NCAAF sportsbook

One of the top sportsbooks in the US, offering great sports to bet on, good customer service, and fast interfaces.

FanDuel NCAAF odds MD

FanDuel is at the same level in terms of many betting options and great promos.

PointsBet Maryland NCAAF

Besides their other attractive features, PointsBet stands out for its super-fast interface and gets kudos for great customer service.


At any premier event, BetMGM will do justice to its MGM brand name.

BarStool Sportsbook NCAAF Maryland

BarStool Sportsbook is an excellent site to bet on special events like the NCAAF Championship since they are reputed for having celebrity-hosted events and always offer great promos.

NCAAF Championship promotions Maryland


Every good Maryland sports betting site offers bonuses to new customers. In addition, they will offer promotions and bonuses during special events. So, definitely check out what you can get for free while getting into NCAAF Championship Betting in Maryland.

Bonuses against deposits

Many sportsbooks will offer to match your initial deposit amount with a bonus up to a certain level. It could be offered in different forms but could also just be an amount for you to bet with.

Free Bets

Free bets are exactly what they sound like – a chance to bet with house money. Usually offered to new customers, there can also be offers during special events.

Free bets will usually be designated as an amount ($500, $750, or $1000). There will also be differences in terms of whether or not you can withdraw the principal amount of the wager or just the winnings.

Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets have become enormously popular. They allow you to get a refund (up to a certain amount) if you lose your first real-money bet. Watch out for details such as the amounts, any withdrawal conditions, minimum bet requirements, and how you get the refund (e.g., cash or free bets).

Special offers during NCAAF Championship game, regular and Live Betting

As one of the premier sporting events of the year, all the sportsbooks we recommend below are sure to offer special event promotions, with more added on for those betting live during the NCAAF Championship game. Find out what they are and take advantage.


Sometimes, when sportsbooks offer betting bonuses or free bets, they have a rollover (e.g., 5X or 10X) provision, which sets a total amount that you have to bet in order to be eligible for withdrawal.

Goals with betting on the NCAAF Championships MD


Online sports betting is relatively new in Maryland. As such, not everyone may have had extensive experience with it and how to come out ahead in the long term. This section is for the relative newbies, but even experienced punters can spare a thought along these lines.

This raises the key question for those who are excited about their options for NCAA football betting in MD. We understand that you are avid followers of the NCAA Football Playoff odds and points spreads. You know the statistics of every individual player, and you have researched how the College Football Championship betting odds have evolved from before the season till now.

However, the chances that you will consistently win your bets and come out ahead are not good. Even the best strategists have a hard time winning consistently. So, your goal should be to enjoy yourself to the fullest and limit your losses.

Here’s a simple strategy

The safest strategy for College Football Championship betting in Maryland is simple:

  • Deposit modest stakes overall.
  • The amount of your wager per bet should not exceed 5% of your available deposits.
  • Enjoy in-game bets, but don’t get carried away by impulses.

Types of bets for the NCAAF Championship game in MD?


NCAA Football bets are akin to, or minor variations of, standard football bets. Here are some of the common types of NCAAF Championship bets that MD residents can expect:

Moneyline Bets

This is the standard bet where you choose the winner of the College Football Championship. There will be odds that keep changing throughout the NCAAF season, playoffs, and during the Championship itself.

Points Spread Bets

At its simplest, here’s how points spread betting works:

You will have to wager on not only who wins the game but whether they cover a points spread that is awarded to each participant. You can bet that the favorite will win by at least as much as, or more than, the points spread (covers the spread).

If the favorite loses, you lose. However, you also lose if the favorite wins but by a margin that is lower than the points spread.

Totals Bet

This is the classic over-under bet. The sportsbooks provide a combined points total for the College Football Championship game. You can bet on whether the actual points total comes in over or under that line.

Parlay Bets

Most sportsbooks will allow you to place multiple bets that are tied together. Typically, you would be placing bets on multiple games.

For a parlay bet to work for you in the NCAAF Championship game, you must have won all previous parlay bets you had placed and then must win your bet on the final game.

Props Betting

Many props bets can be offered, such as who scores first, scores by quarters or halves, individual or team performances, statistics, etc. For the College Football Championship games, expect more options. They can be fun and not tied to the eventual outcome.

Live, In-Game Betting

Betting with continuously updated odds for the regular types of bets (e.g., Moneyline) mentioned above or props bets during the game will greatly increase your enjoyment. Moreover, it is a way for you to win money even before the game ends and/or recoup losses if bets you placed before the championship game started are not faring well.

Having said that, make sure of two things:

  • Choose sportsbooks with fast, interactive, and multi-platform designs. Otherwise, live betting can become a nightmare.
  • Don’t get carried away by the thrill of live-action and gut feelings.

Choosing the right NCAAF sportsbook in Maryland


When you choose online betting sites, read up customer and industry reviews. The first step should be to make sure the sportsbook is licensed to offer College Football Championship and other event betting in Maryland.

Find sportsbooks with offers that excite you. Also, identify anything that may be a deal-breaker as far as you are concerned.

Go on to sites you shortlist. Browse it to understand the layout and displays. Check how easy or difficult it is to navigate. All decent sites will allow you access just short of placing a bet.

If you have any questions, call customer service. If they are super friendly and helpful, that’s a great sign. Don’t be shy about using them, it’s their job. After your research, how should you grade available college football betting sites?

Name recognition and reputation

This should come through loud and clear in industry and customer reviews. So, for example, our recommended sites will always rank high on any list.

Check also for negative news, such as lawsuits, blacklisting, etc. There are, unfortunately, a lot of scam sites. Don’t get involved with those.

Check out the different NCAAF betting options and lines in MD

We discussed the main types of bets that you will usually find when betting on the College Football Playoffs and Championship in Maryland. Good sportsbooks will offer you the most options, multiple lines and points spreads, and an array of prop bets.

Two other things to watch out for:

  • Are betting lines being posted early, so you can place bets accordingly? Or are they coming through at the last minute?
  • Is live betting being offered, with special deals and other “games within the game” type of action that makes things fun?

Technology and interface design, availability of mobile apps

Slow, clunky, and obtuse interfaces will not only kill the enjoyment of those interested in College Football Championship betting in MD, but it can also lead to actual monetary losses during live betting if the website is not fast and difficult to surf and place bets on.

Great sportsbooks like those we recommend will offer good interfaces, fast connections, and multi-platform access (desktop, tablets, mobile apps, etc.) that enhance the experience. Check them out.

Speed and ease of banking

Speed and ease of banking is another feature that is critical at all times, but especially during live betting. Find out at the least the basics:

  • How quickly can you deposit and withdraw money? Should it be a matter of seconds or a few minutes?
  • Are there any restrictions or high fees if you withdraw funds without a significant balance in the account?
  • Can you use ACH, Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, Bitcoin … even PayPal to transact?

Superior customer service

All good sportsbooks pay attention to customer service. Regardless of how good the interface is and how stellar the reputation of the sportsbook is, problems will arise from time to time.

You may need the help of a live person (check out if the help you get is through online chats or if you can talk to a live service agent if needed) to guide you through a situation and/or to resolve a dispute in a reasonable fashion.

You cannot underestimate the value of a good customer service department. You will not be disappointed with our choices in this regard.

The final word

As the NCAA season has progressed and the prospect of College Football Championship betting in Maryland is fast approaching, do your homework on the sportsbooks you want to work with and have your picks ready to go. It’s going to be a fun ride for sure this year.

FAQ’s About NCAAF Championship betting Maryland

When Can I pick Sportsbooks for NCAAF Playoff Betting in MD?

Sports betting in Maryland is expected to be live by the World Series in 2021, if not earlier. That should give you plenty of time to check out the sportsbooks we mention and be ready for the NCAAF Championship game bets.

Which agency is in charge of NCAAF Championship Betting in Maryland?

The Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency will oversee sports betting under the overall guidance of the Sports Wagering Application Review Commission.

Will I be able to enjoy Live Betting?

Every sportsbook we discussed will let you bet live and have mobile apps.

What odds do I need to shoot For?

If you are asking about odds to make money consistently, you need to win 55-60% of the time. This is not very likely for a majority of people. This is why we discussed enjoying yourself without breaking the bank.

Can you recommend a single sportsbook?

Why not pick up accounts with several of them? For example, suppose you are aiming to be involved in College Football Championship betting in Maryland. In that case, you will find a dizzying number of betting options, promos, special offers, prop bets during in-game options… so on and so forth.

Your best option may be picking and choosing the sportsbooks you wager with as the College Football playoffs progress. Then, go with the ones that get you the best deals. Why limit yourself?