Deposit Bonus Maryland

Thinking about signing up for an account with a Maryland betting site? You must first learn about deposit bonuses in Maryland and how they can benefit you. In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know to find and claim the best deposit match.

Best sportsbooks with Deposit Bonus Maryland 2024

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BetRivers Deposit Bonus Maryland BetRivers Sportsbook Up to $500 in bonus bets
  • Great bonus terms
  • Excellent loyalty program
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DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5, get $200 in free bets
  • Multiple in-game bonuses
  • Great VIP program
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Betfred Deposit Bonus Maryland Betfred Sportsbook Get up to $1,111 in Fred Bets Bet now
BetMGM Deposit Bonus Maryland BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
  • Free live streams
  • Early Cashout feature
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FanDuel Deposit Bonus Maryland FanDuel Sportsbook Bet $5 get $200 in bonus bets Bet now Fanduel Maryland promo
PointsBet Deposit Bonus Maryland PointsBet Sportsbook Five Second Chance Bets Up To $100 Each Bet now PointsBet Maryland promos
Crab Sports Deposit Bonus Maryland Crab Sports Up to $250 in bonus bets
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  • Parlay boost
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Deposit bonus guide – MD

Deposit bonuses are the most common type of odds bonus, perhaps also the most profitable for the player. In short, it means that the player deposits a sum of money and then receives a bonus on that amount.

The deposit bonus distributed is a certain percentage of the deposit you make, usually between 50% -200% of the deposit. This page is dedicated to help guide Marylanders to the best betting sites offering these kinds of bonuses.

Where to get the best deposit bonus in MD


Before we explain the ins and outs of deposit bonuses, here are the providers in Maryland that offer the best ones. You’ll want to keep these names on your radar as you read through this article.

Draftkings Deposit bonus

Without a doubt, the Draftkings MD deposit match bonus is one that you’ll want to keep in mind. Whatever your deposit amount, they’ll match 20% of it up to a max value of $1,000.

BetMGM Deposit Match

The BetMGM MD deposit bonus demonstrates how generous Maryland sports betting sites can be when attracting new players. They’ll match 100% of your initial bonus up to a maximum value of $500. That’s a quick way to double your initial deposit!

Fanduel Bonus Deposit

Ask around in sports betting circles in Maryland. Plenty of them will tell you about the deposit bonus Fanduel Maryland offers to all new signups. The values (percentages and maximum bonus) change over time, so be sure to check their website to know what it is.

Barstool Sportsbook Bonus Promo Deposit

Barstool Maryland is a huge name when it comes to sports betting in Maryland. Among the many reasons for that reputation is the fact that they give out excellent bonuses. But, of course, that includes the deposit bonus as well.

Pointsbet Deposit Match

Last but certainly not least is Pointsbet MD. The Pointsbet deposit bonus is incredibly generous, and they don’t make it difficult to enjoy it either. That’s why they rank among the best in Maryland.

Deposit Matches: What are they? How do they work?


The deposit match bonus that you’ll get from Maryland sports betting websites is very straightforward.

After signing up for a account, you’ll need to deposit funds into your account so you can place bets. The deposit bonus means that the sportsbook will match your deposit and give you additional funds for free.

Maryland sports betting sites do this as a way to entice new players to join their ranks. However, the industry is quite competitive, which is why the more well-established names (like the ones mentioned above) are willing to be very generous.

A 50% deposit match Maryland sportsbooks offer might sound like a lot, but it’s not that much. Some sports betting sites offer a lot more than that for their deposit bonuses.

Do Deposit Match bonuses matter?

Yes, deposit match bonuses matter a lot and for two reasons.

Firstly, a deposit match bonus is a way to get much more value from your initial deposit. That means you’ll have more money to play around with as you get familiar with the sports betting site you’ve chosen. Plus, you won’t feel too bad even if you lose those bonus funds.

Second, it’s also a fantastic way to win bigger than you might have without it. For example, you probably have one or more sports teams that you believe in very strongly. The bonus allows you to place large bets on your favorite teams without having to risk more of your own money.

Bottom line: find the best sports deposit bonus in MD and be sure to claim it. You’re giving up on free money if you don’t!

Deposit bonuses: what are the pros and cons?

To be a responsible sports bettor, you must always consider the pros and cons of any feature, bonus, or promotion. Here are the pros and cons you must know about deposit bonuses in Maryland.

Deposit Bonuses MD: The Pros

  • More Betting Power: At this point, it’s clear that Maryland sports betting sites offer the deposit bonus to attract new players. At the same time, your initial deposit will offer you much more betting power. Suppose you claim a 50% deposit bonus Maryland sportsbooks offer you when depositing $100. In that case, you’ll have an additional $50 to increase the size of your bets!
  • Other Concurrent Promotions: Ongoing and promotions are standard features of Maryland sports betting sites. In some cases, you might be able to combine other promotions and bonuses with your deposit match bonus, giving you even more value to enjoy.
  • Great Way To Learn: When you receive bonus funds in your account, you can use them to make more bets of different kinds. That will help you learn how to use the sportsbook much quicker without relying only on your hard-earned money.

Deposit Bonuses: The Cons

  • Minimum Deposits: Maryland bonus provider will have requirements about how much you should deposit in your account to enjoy the deposit bonuses. There is a silver lining, however. They don’t want to make it too difficult for you, so the limits are very low, ranging from $5 to $25.
  • Additional Conditions: Deposit bonuses are controlled by the ones offering them. So, you can expect the rules to be different depending on which Maryland sports betting site you’re signing up for.

That’s why it helps to compare the deposit bonuses across Maryland sportsbooks and read the fine print of the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions: What To Look Out For

As mentioned before, the terms and conditions for the deposit bonuses will be different according to the site. Still, you should look out for the following terms and conditions when choosing a MD operator to go with:

  • Minimum Amounts: This was already mentioned, but it’s worth repeating. Sports betting platforms will always have a minimum deposit amount for you to unlock and enjoy the matched bonus. These minimums are reasonably small amounts, so it’s nothing to be worried about. Still, you have to know what they are to ensure that you can get the bonus.
  • Validity: Bonuses and promotions at Maryland sportsbooks don’t last forever. That’s especially true for deposit bonuses which are typically limited to your first deposit. Still, you must also claim the bonus before its expiration date.
  • Specific Odds or Sports: Some of them will limit how you can use those bonus funds. They might require you to use the funds for specific sports or to place bets with certain odds.

What About Payment Methods For Deposits?

To enjoy a deposit bonus, you must first make a deposit. However, you’ll find that Maryland sports betting websites offer plenty of different ways to do that.

Those deposit methods include:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Bank Transfers
  • Cards (like Credit, debit, prepaid, gift cards)
  • E-Wallets (like Paypal)

The exact list of payment options will depend on which one you’ve opened up an account with. However, they all have the most popular payment options available, with a few or no differences among them.

Some of them will ask you to use a payment method that they choose as part of their terms and conditions when it comes to deposit bonuses.

How to claim the deposit bonuses in Maryland

At this point, it’s clear what deposit bonuses are and how they work. To summarize, these are bonuses offered by Maryland sports betting websites that match part or all of your initial deposit. You’ll then be allowed to spend that bonus in the form of additional funds in your account.

To claim that bonus, you’ll first need to register with your chosen Maryland sportsbook.

Then, you’ll head over to their Cashier or Deposit page to make your first deposit. Once you’ve chosen your deposit amount and payment method, you’ll need to include a unique code to unlock the deposit bonus.

That code should have been given to you by the sportsbook. However, you could always call their customer service hotline if you’re not sure what it is.

Once the transaction is complete, you’ll see your initial deposit and the bonus funds reflected on your account. From there, you can go ahead and place your bets.

FAQ’s About Deposit bonuses in Maryland

Is the deposit bonus a one-time bonus?

Yes, the deposit bonus matching is typically a one-time offer for new players signing up to a Maryland sportsbook. However, they might offer similar bonuses or promotions to reward loyal customers as well.

What banking methods can I use to make my first deposit?

Generally, you can use any banking methods offered by Maryland operators. But, of course, this is subject to their terms and conditions for the deposit bonus.

Is there an expiration date for the deposit bonus?

Yes, betting providers will put a time limit on the deposit bonus. Check the terms and conditions, then claim the bonus as soon as possible.

Will I be able to spend the bonus funds elsewhere?

No, you can’t. The idea behind the matched deposit bonus is to encourage you to place bets on the sportsbook. So, their terms and conditions will restrict you from using the funds anywhere else.

Are there restrictions on the types of bets I can place?

That is subject to the terms and conditions for the deposit bonus. Sometimes, they do require you to spend the bonus only on specific sports, types of bets, or bets with certain odds.