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Nascar betting in Maryland

New to the world of NASCAR betting in Maryland and are looking for a NASCAR betting guide? Cool. We have you covered. We have a ton of information to share with you about betting on the finest of American sports races. This includes talking about the betting markets that will be open to you, how to read odds, and even the best sportsbooks in the state.

Best sportsbooks with Nascar betting in Maryland 2024

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Nascar betting sites in Maryland

We are hoping that this NASCAR betting in Maryland guide gave you a nudge toward understanding how betting works in this cracking sport. If you already have an interest in NASCAR, then things are a little bit easier for you. You will already have a rough idea of how to make the right bets. We suggest that you check out a few of the sportsbooks we mentioned and get started with your gambling.

Best sportsbooks for NASCAR betting in Maryland


As promised, we want to give you five of the best sites for NASCAR betting in Maryland. Each of these Maryland online betting sites has been vetted by us, and you can regularly catch us gambling here. Therefore, you know these sites are leading the pack when it comes to sports betting.

BetMGM NASCAR betting

Top sportsbook? Check. Tons of betting markets for NASCAR? Check. Great betting odds? Double-check. Head to BetMGM in Maryland today. They also provides odds for Maryland Formula 1 betting.

Fanduel NASCAR lines

Fanduel Maryland is the home of mobile betting and live sports. Sure, you can get some brilliant odds on NASCAR before an event. But, you are going to get some great odds while those drivers are hurtling around the circuit too.

Barstool NASCAR odds

Barstool Sportsbook Maryland loves prop bets. It also loves to offer enhanced odds on those prop bets. As a result, they will often have dozens of markets open whenever that next NASCAR race rolls around!

Pointsbet NASCAR online betting

Pointsbet Maryland is great for enhanced odds and bonuses. They may not have the extensive range of sports to bet on that some other sites have. However, their ‘to win’ odds are some of the best in the business.

Draftkings NASCAR betting

Draftkings Maryland follows the same sort of style as the other sites. This means a good mobile experience paired with some great NASCAR betting odds.

Choosing NASCAR betting in Maryland


In this section we are going to teach you how to find a Motorsports sportsbook in Maryland with NASCAR odds. Of course, if you are feeling particularly lazy, you can skip ahead to the end of this section.

We will just share the best Maryland sportsbooks that are currently operating in MD. Although, if you want to hunt down a site for yourself, the following criteria should help you out.

Nascar betting odds Maryland

NASCAR betting odds are vital. Remember, betting odds are going to determine how much cash you could potentially win from one of your NASCAR betting picks. As a result, you want the odds to be as good as possible.

It is worth noting that sportsbooks will not always have the best odds. We suggest that you choose multiple sportsbooks. Then, when you are in the mood for a bet, you can jump between them and see which ones are going to offer the best odds for that event.

Nascar betting markets MD

Betting markets dictate the number of things that you can bet on. For example, every  site that offers NASCAR sports betting in Maryland should allow you to bet on the winner of a race.

However, this can be a little bit boring. You want to look for sites that offer other types of betting. This includes prop bets, match-up bets, etc. The more choices you have, the more exciting gambling becomes.

Mobile betting on Nascar in Maryland

A lot of us are gambling on the go nowadays. Therefore, it is wise to choose a site that can be accessed through your mobile device.

Live betting on NASCAR

Yep. Live betting is now available for NASCAR. While live betting is probably only going to allow you to bet on simple things in the race, it is exciting. We love websites that offer NASCAR live betting in Maryland. It is just a shame that there aren’t more of them.

NASCAR Betting bonuses

This shouldn’t really be your main ‘go-to’ when you are looking for a sportsbook. However, sports betting bonuses are always nice. We love the sites that not only offer tremendous welcome bonuses but who will also go out of their way to cater to regular gamblers.

Reading NASCAR betting odds – Maryland


One thing that gamblers often have trouble reading will be NASCAR betting odds. We can’t say that we are surprised either. The odds system for NASCAR betting used by sportsbooks in Maryland isn’t the most intuitive.

In Maryland, we use a system known as ‘American’ odds. American odds will be a number with either a + or – in front of it. In NASCAR betting in Maryland, you will rarely find the – sign outside of a few bets. This is because a sporting event with multiple potential winners doesn’t really lend itself to these bets:

  • If you see a + sign before a number, this is the underdog for that event. For every $100 you stake on the event, you will win that figure.
  • If you see a – sign, then this is the favorite for the event. You would have to stake that amount to get $100 back.

Let’s say, for instance you saw +200. If you staked $100, you would get $200 back (plus your initial stake). If you bet $25, you would get $50 back, plus your stake.

We promise you that after a few bets, the system isn’t that difficult to understand.

Choosing a bet to place on NASCAR in MD

Once you start looking into NASCAR betting in Maryland, you will discover that there are a lot of betting markets available. In addition, there may be betting types that you haven’t heard of before.

One of the main aims of this NASCAR betting guide is to help make betting on sport like this a bit easier. So, we want to cover the bets that are most accessible to beginners. These are the ones that you are likely to encounter on most sportsbooks.

To-Win bets

These bets do pretty much what they say on the tin. You are going to be betting on the winner.

These bets are probably going to be the best choice for those that are new to NASCAR betting. This is because they are simple bets to understand. Somebody either wins, or they don’t. Therefore, they can be a riskier type of bet. However, they are also a great entry into learning about racing stats and attempting to predict winners.

Place bets

Place bets are similar to the previous type of bet. However, you aren’t betting on somebody to win the race. Instead, you are betting on them finishing in the to 3/5/10, depending on the place bet that you choose.

These bets do carry less risk than to-win bets. This means that they can be a great bet for those that are not huge fans of risk. However, they do not have lower odds and, therefore, the returns are smaller.

Pole position bets

These bets are the same as to-win bets. You won’t be betting on the main race, though. Instead, you are going to be betting on who takes the pole during qualification, and also for the Daytona 500 bets in MD.

Fastest lap bets

This is one of our favorite types of bet because it really does introduce people to reading stats. This means understanding how each driver works. This includes past performances, as well as the manufacturer of their vehicle.

As the name suggests, you are betting on who drives the fastest lap. That person doesn’t have to win the race.

We actually believe the fastest lap bets are good for those that want to graduate above the to-win world. It does require a deeper understanding of the sport, though. The pro is that the returns are often much larger.

Match-up bets

Match-up bets are similar to to-win bets. These bets will not focus on the entire racing grid, though. Instead, match-up bets will focus on a few drivers. This will normally be four, but we have seen smaller and larger NASCAR match-up bets too.

With these bets, you are gambling on who will win a little mini match-up.

These are the same as to-win but can be a bit easier because you only need to focus on the past racing history of a few drivers as opposed to the entire grid.

Prop bets

Prop bets are often known as side bets. These are bets that you place on events that happen in the race as opposed to betting on the outcome of the race. Common prop bets include betting on how many crashes there will be, how many drivers will retire, how many caution laps, etc.

These bets are for the more advanced gamblers. You can’t win prop bets unless you have a solid understanding of the world of NASCAR.

Parlay bets

Parlay bets will be multiple NASCAR betting lines rolled into the same bet. So, with a parlay bet, you are betting on multiple events happening in a race. You only win a parlay if all of these end up happening. If one of your betting lines on a parlay bet fails, the entire bet fails.

Parlay bets are for those that want the greatest returns but with the greatest amount of risk.

NASCAR betting in Maryland: Strategies explained


You can think of this as more of a quick NASCAR betting guide. We aren’t going to be giving you tips that will make you a gambling millionaire. Instead, we just want to give you some pointers that should, hopefully, make your gambling a little bit of a safer experience.

Hedge betting

Hedge betting isn’t something that works tremendously well in NASCAR betting due to the sheer number of drivers out there on the track. However, we feel that hedge betting could work in certain situations.

So, what is hedge betting? Well, with standard hedge betting, you will stick some cash on an opposing bet in a pairing of two. Your stakes will be carefully planned to ensure that no matter what happens, you will make a profit. At the minimum, you will make a small loss.

Because you don’t get these paired bets outside of certain match-ups, you can’t hedge a bet all that much when it comes to NASCAR betting in Maryland.

What you can do, however, is to look for sites that offer NASCAR live betting. Place a bet on the winner of an event beforehand. However, if it is clear that they are not going to win halfway through, you can attempt to hedge your bet on who is most likely to win at that point. The chances are that you may still lose, but at least you will be partly cutting your risk.

Common sense betting

This isn’t a betting strategy as such. However, we have noticed that there are a lot of people that dive into NASCAR betting in Maryland that don’t have a clue what they are doing.

Do you know how most sportsbooks make their money? It is from people that base their bets on gut feelings. Don’t let that be you. Before you place any bet, no matter how much you think somebody may win, we suggest that you look at the past performance of the drivers.

Look at their lap times. Look at their average placement on the track. Look at whether they have to retire from the race. If you want to be successful when it comes to NASCAR betting in MD, you will have to put a ton of effort into research. If you don’t, you won’t win.

FAQ’s About Nascar betting in Maryland

Do you need an ID to gamble at sportsbooks in Maryland?

You will need to prove your identity when you sign-up for a sportsbook for the first time. This way, the sportsbook can be sure that you are a Maryland resident.

What is the minimum bet for NASCAR betting in Maryland?

It depends on the sportsbook. In theory, you could bet for as little as a few cents. However, most sportsbooks require that you spend at least a dollar on NASCAR betting in MD.

What are enhanced odds?

It is a promotion regularly offered by some sportsbooks. With enhanced odds, the odds will be slightly boosted beyond what they normally would be. It is a great way to make some extra cash.

Should you be a member of multiple MD sportsbooks for NASCAR betting?

Yes. This is the best way to ensure that you have access to the largest number of betting markets and the best odds.

What is a betting bankroll?

A betting bankroll is the amount of money that you have set to one side to gamble with. Your bankroll is the amount of money that you can afford to lose gambling. Although, of course, one would hope you don’t actually lose.