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Motorsports Betting in MD

Online sports betting in Maryland is live. So if you have been waiting to get into motorsports betting in MD, the time has come to rev up your engines and choose your favorite sportsbooks.

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Guide to Motorsports betting in MD

Betting on motorsports is popular, and the possibilities are great in Maryland. Odds and betting tips for different motorsports and rallies are the most common, but motocross and enduro are also offered at some betting companies in the state.

On this page, you will find everything from links to the best sportsbooks to guides and tips on what to think about when you want to bet live on motorsport.

Top 5 recommendations for Motorsports betting in MD


Each of these motorsports sportsbooks offers mobile apps and live betting.

DraftKings Motorsport odds

DraftKings Maryland has one of the best reputations in the market with a variety of sports, promos, and good customer service.

FanDuel Motor Racing Lines

FanDuel is also known for great promos and user-friendly interfaces, with many betting options.

PointsBet Motorsports bets

Super-fast banking and great customer service make PointsBet stand out even within this elite set of sportsbooks.

BetMGM Motor betting

It’s hard to go wrong with the MGM name.

Barstool Sportsbook Motorsports

Barstool is catching up on live-betting options, but it has carved out a niche with great promotions and celebrity-hosted events.

Options for Motorsports betting in Maryland


The best online betting sites for motorsports betting in Maryland are DraftKings, BetMGM, PointsBet, FanDuel, and Barstool Sportsbook. Maryland residents interested in motorsports betting can find all of the usual options – including F1 betting in MD (Styrian GP, Futures and Qualifications) and NASCAR bets in Maryland (Pocono Organics CDB 325, Trucks CRC Brakleen, and Pocono Green 225).

Factors you should consider when betting on Motorsports

Are you seasoned bettor or feeling your way? Either way, chances are that you will lose more often than you win – those are the odds. So, how about figuring a strategy to help you chill and enjoy yourself while motorsports betting in Maryland?

What’s your Motorsports goal – MD

The best strategy for motorsports betting in Maryland for relative newcomers could be simple:

  • Deposit and keep modest stakes in your account.
  • Spread your bets – any individual wager should be below 5% of the amount you have.
  • When betting live, don’t get carried away.

Also, familiarize yourself with the rules and types of bets that you can place on motorsport events.

How does Motorsports betting work?

Motorsports has a large number of bets that vary from a straight moneyline style (who wins the race?) bet. In addition, as you can guess, there are many types of prop bets or other in-game (live) bets that could apply. Some of the more popular bets are summarized below.

Types of betting action


This is a straight-up bet. You pick a winner of the entire race. No position but #1 pays out. All drivers in the race can be wagered on, but with different odds based on who are the favorites.

Stage Winners

If races have stages, you can wager on who will win a stage.

Head-to-Head Match Up

This is a variation where you ignore the rest of the race and focus on two drivers in matchups offered by the sportsbook. Whoever finishes ahead will win. Interestingly, a head-to-head can almost always be decided even if the drivers crash whoever lasts longer wins.

Pole Position

This refers to the drivers in the qualifying event and who finish first and win pole position (first to drive off in the actual race). This bet allows you to bet early in the week, even before the main race starts.

Podium Finish

This bet is offered by certain sportsbooks for certain drivers in certain races. You get paid if the drivers finish on the winner’s podium – that is, they finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. The payoffs do not vary based on where they place within the top 3.

Fastest Lap

This bet is won if the driver you pick finishes with the fastest lap time in the race, regardless of what s/he does otherwise – win, lose, crash or retire.


This is a progressive bet based on events that would happen in the future – such as a driver ending up in the owner’s championship at the end of the season. Betting opens at the beginning of the season, but the odds keep changing, and fresh bets can be made during the season. People also trade futures bets, buying low and selling high as the odds change. That can be fun as well.

More Prop Bets

Additional prop bets (besides some of the ones already mentioned above) could be placed in some cases. For example, you could bet on the total time that the race will last, how many cautions will be issued, or the chances of breaking specific course or event records.

In-Play/Live Motorsports Betting – Maryland

As you can see from the table above, many of the motorsports betting lines available in Maryland will involve live (in-event) betting. For example, with Futures bets, you can bet before the season even starts. With the Pole Position bet, you can bet early in the week.

Live motorsports betting in Maryland could involve many of the bets above, with odds changing on the main ones and different prop bets being offered by sportsbooks as the race progresses.

Choosing a Motorsports sportsbook MD


What makes for a great motorsport sportsbook in MD?

Reputation among clients, peers, and experts

Do your homework before you deposit funds. At the very minimum, the provider should be licensed for motorsports betting in Maryland.

Read customer and industry reviews and make a note of what they list as pros and cons. Then, if you particularly like or dislike a feature or the types of motorsport betting lines, you can know it going in and not be surprised later.

Research if the site has had any legal issues or been blacklisted.

Check for different games offered

When you research sportsbooks that will offer betting lines for motorsports fans in MD, check out the types of games, lines, and promos they offer. As we list in the table, there are dozens of different bets that can be offered – check which ones are offered by the sites you will work with.

Technology and site design

All good online betting sites should give you multi-platform access (including mobile apps) and offer fast banking to make live betting viable. Good motorsport sportsbooks should also have well-designed sites where information is easy to come by. The speed of the UI is also critical, especially for live betting.

While motorsports may not have as much split-second action as some other sports, a slow, clunky site will still cause problems, especially when placing live bets.

All good sites will allow you access to the entire spectrum of information – short of letting you place bets – before you deposit funds. So explore the site fully and check for how the mobile apps work for you.

Efficient banking

Most good sites will make banking easy for their clients, while bad ones will be restrictive. Check out some of the basics before you deposit funds into the account:

  • The speed with which deposits and withdrawals can be made.
  • Different means of banking – e.g., ACH Transfers, Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard, maybe others), Wire Transfers, Bitcoin, etc.
  • High floors on withdrawals, which could have your money stuck on account unless you bet and win big.

Customer service

Despite everyone’s best intentions, there will be a need for help and/or dispute resolution. Check out the reviews for customer service. If you have any confusion or questions before you deposit funds, call them and ask for their help. Good customer service is critical.

Motorsports betting bonuses in MD


Grab every bonus and promotion offered by the sportsbooks.

Motorsports Deposit Matching Bonus – Maryland

When you deposit your first funds with a sportsbook, they will typically match your deposit up to a certain amount.

Free Bets – Motorsports MD

Free bets are house money. They vary by amount and potentially how you are allowed to collect your winnings (e.g., do you collect just the winnings, or is the principal also returned?). But take everything you get.

Risk-Free Motorsport bets

Risk-free bets are hugely popular. The general idea is that if you lose on your first real-money bet, a certain amount of your wager is returned. Sportsbooks will offer different types of risk-free bets to those betting on motorsports in MD, varying on details such as:

  • The amount of the refund
  • Conditions – such as minimum bet amounts
  • The type of refund (e.g., cash vs. risk-free bets)

Special offers when Motorsports betting in MD

Look out for event-specific, or live betting-driven special offers.

FAQ’s About Motorsports Betting in MD

When can I start Motorsports betting in MD?

If not the start of the 2021 NFL season, motorsports betting in Maryland will go live come the World Series.

Who oversees Motorsports betting in MD?

The apex body is the Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency. In addition, the Sports Wagering Application Review Commission has been appointed to oversee on an ongoing basis.

Will live betting be available on all sites?

All of our recommended sites will offer live betting. Check the pages for more details.

Why can’t I win?

We’re not saying you can’t win, just that, in general, people lose more often than they win. Logically, the sportsbooks would go out of business otherwise. So focus on entertainment rather than making money steadily.

Is there one sportsbook that stands out?

We recommend you try out each of the five sportsbooks we listed above. They will offer different types of bets and motorsport betting lines. If you open multiple accounts, you can pick and choose the best games and odds that tickle your fancy for a particular event.