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Boxing betting in Maryland

Watching champs go at it in the ring has been a popular pastime for decades. Adding wagers on the outcomes makes it that much more interesting, adding a bit of blood-pumping adrenaline into the mix. Boxing betting in Maryland has gotten the green light and we’re here to give you the inside details on betting like a pro.

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Maryland boxing betting

We know that’s a mouthful, but it’s true! Once you have a trusted boxing betting site on your side, all that’s left to do is add your money and enjoy. Always check for the latest promos and brush up on pro tips so that you can go from rookie to seasoned bettor stat!

Top 5 Boxing betting sites


In this section we’ll explain what you can expect when you become part of the team at any one of our top five Maryland online betting sites. Choose one or go with a few so that you can pick and choose where and how you wager. So, without further ado, let’s get to our lineup.

BetMGM Boxing bets

If live betting is your thing, BetMGM is the place to go, with up to the second updates on the most anticipated sporting events. From boxing to baseball and basketball, you can find it all in their vast offering of sports to bet on.

You get access to bonus offers, exclusive betting, and promo offers each day for increased growth potential. Log in online or from the app to reap the benefits from home and on the go.

  • Promo: $600 risk-free bet for first-time bettors
  • Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal

Boxing odds at PointsBet

Scrolling through the home page on your tablet or mobile, you’ll see a ton of odds and events that you can bet on in seconds. Once you sign up, you’ll score access to all thing’s sports, including boxing matches between light to heavyweight champs. It’s got a long list of reputable branches and is available throughout the US, Canada, and some other countries.

  • PointsBet Promo: Score a risk-free bet up to $2000
  • Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal

DraftKings Boxing lines

DraftKings is a revered boxing betting site that boasts the best odds and the most unbeatable promos. Since 2012, they have been crushing the competition with their promos, their outlay, and their weekly fantasy sports matches.

When you become part of the squad, you can enjoy boxing betting with ease logging on with your PC or your mobile phone thanks to the interactive DraftKings app.

  • Promos: Get $20 free to wager as you want when you sign up
  • Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal

FanDuel Boxing

Fantasy matches and live games are swarming right on the home page. Sign up and make a deposit to get up and started, making your money work for you. FanDuel is top-rated, trusted, and packs some of the best boxing betting odds in the biz. Plus, they give bettors a bang for their buck with their promos and rewards.

  • Promos: Score $1000 free for sportsbooks bets as a newcomer
  • Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal

Barstool Boxing odds

Though Barstool sports boxing betting site is one of the youngest on our list, it’s made a splash in the online betting world. The most raved about part of this website is the app, where bettors can make their bets, browse matches and odds, and even enjoy daily promos that help boost profits.

  • Promos: Bet risk-free with your first deposit of up to $500
  • Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer

Boxing betting in Maryland: Choose your bets


There are a lot of bets to choose from that could leave rookie gamblers overwhelmed. That’s why it’s always good to know your bets so that you can choose the best one that gives you the best odds. When betting on boxing, three common bets are:

Boxing Moneylines MD

With this bet, it’s as simple as taking your pick of who you think will win. The odds are presented in a way that shows (-) for the fighter who’s favored and a (+) for the fighter who is not. These signs and the number that follows are an indication of how much you need to spend.

In Action: Let’s say that legend Muhammad Ali (-160) was going up against mogul George Forman (+130). In this scenario, Ali is favored to win so, if you agree, you would have to spend $160 to win $100. On the other hand, if you think Forman has something up his sleeve, you score $130 when you bet $100.

Boxing rounds bet

In this kind of bet, instead of banking on just the winner, you’re banking on the round in which they will win. The odds for this one are treated the same, though you have more options to choose from. Choose a single round or go for multiple rounds to increase your odds.

Taking our example match into consideration, we could say that Ali was favored (-160) and that he would win the fight in rounds 8-11 (+460). As you can see, the more specific you get, the more your potential profits grow, making them an attractive bet.

Boxing Points Betting

When each round comes to an end, boxers will have a set of points. You can use these points to place a wager, either agreeing with the predicted outcome or betting against it. In points bets, you could say that Ali would win in one of three ways:

  • By knockout (KO)
  • By points
  • Or by Foreman being disqualified

You can bet on which boxer you think will win and how they will win the match, enjoying a mixture of odds and chances to win. Now that you know the types of bets, we’ve got a few tips to help you start improving your betting game that come straight from the pros.

Boxing betting in Maryland: Bet like a pro


Boxing betting online is fun but, in order to increase your chances, you need to bet wisely. Before you take off and choose one of the three common types of boxing bets, check out these tips to amp up your betting skills.

Use a solid site

It’s not just about the bet you make but also about the sportsbook you use. Make sure to use a recommended site that is safe and legit like one of the five that we have listed below.

Keep a clear budget

Bettors with experience know that they have to go into betting with a clear limit. You should do the same and bet your money wisely so that you could potentially win smart. Set your budget and stick to it.

Do some digging

The more you know about each boxer, the better. Take everything into account, including training schedules, recent boxing matches, and even injuries both present and past.

How to find best Boxing sites

Finding Maryland online sportsbooks that’s perfect for boxing is important. That’s why we have done some of the leg work for you and gathered up five of the best on the web for gamblers in Maryland. To choose these reputable sites, we look for certain criteria, which we’ve listed below.

  • Clear regulations
  • Around the clock customer care
  • A long list of payment methods
  • Secure payment system and quick withdrawals
  • Offers and promotions

FAQ’s About Boxing betting in Maryland

Is Boxing betting in Maryland legal?

Betting in boxing used to be difficult for Maryland residents but, thanks to the recent passing of a law, it’s legal and open for business! That means that gamblers in Maryland can create accounts online and place a wager on today’s hottest sporting events around.

Where to find boxing betting in Maryland promos?

A lot of promos out there claim to be the best and most up-to-date. However, that’s not always true so don’t get your hopes up. To get the best promos that are guaranteed to work, always check the website’s official promo page and see what they have going on.

Can I bet live on boxing matches in Maryland?

Yes, as long as the sportsbook you’re using allows it. All of our top 5 boxing betting sites for Maryland residents offer live betting, allowing you to log in and wager as you watch the match unfold.

What is the most popular boxing wager?

When it comes to sporting events, you can bet on many things. With boxing, popular wagers include outcome bets and points bets. Still, you can pick and choose and even bet different ways within each match to play up your odds and possibly increase your winnings.

How to tell if a boxing betting website is legit?

There’s a lot of websites out there that claim to be safe and legit. Still, the way to be sure is to check their regulations. To keep yourself and your personal information safe, it’s always recommended to go with an online boxing betting site that has a great reputation.