Prop Betting Maryland

Prop betting has become an increasingly popular way for gamblers to gamble. Any sportsbook that you head to will likely have countless prop betting options available. So, what is prop betting in Maryland? We are going to discuss that, and a whole lot more, on this page!

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Prop betting MD

Prop betting in Maryland is an exciting way to gamble. If you enjoy the risk of gambling and perhaps want to make greater returns, then prop betting is for you. However, do be prepared to have a solid understanding of any sport that you gamble on. If you don’t, then you will make a loss.

Best Prop Betting in Maryland


By now, you may be eager to check out some of the best prop bettings in Maryland. While almost all Maryland sportsbooks will have some sort of prop betting in place, these are probably going to be some of the best places that you can gamble.

PointsBet Prop Betting

PointsBet Maryland is easily one of our favorite places to gamble when we want to make parlay bets using a couple of prop bets. The odds here are going to be terrific, and the site sometimes offers parlay bonuses.

BetMGM Prop Betting

BetMGM Maryland is a great place to check out if you want some enhanced odds. There will almost always be an enhanced odds promotion running. When they are, the prop bets have some of the best odds in Maryland.

Barstool Sportsbook Prop Bets

Barstool Sportsbook Maryland is for those that want prop betting markets away from the typical American sport. Lots and lots of international events here, with thousands of open markets.

FanDuel Props

While FanDuel Maryland doesn’t always have the best odds in the world, it does have some tremendous odds. In our experience, there tend to be a few betting markets open that you would struggle to find anywhere else too.

DraftKings Prop Bets

Last but certainly not least, we have DraftKings MD. This is a site that mostly only focuses on big American events. While you may see this as a negative, we see it as a positive when it comes to prop betting.

Focusing on a lower number of sports means that the prop betting options are far more extensive. This is because the site can focus on just one event and really come up with some unique combinations.

What is Prop Betting – Maryland?


Let’s start with the simplest question. Prop betting is any sort of bet that doesn’t involve betting on the result of the game. This means any bet that is not a moneyline or point spread bet.

If the bet is not dependent on the match’s outcome, then this is a prop bet. For example, when you are looking into prop betting in Maryland, each one of these will be classed as a prop bet:

  • Betting on the first scorer
  • Betting on the number of points a player may score.
  • Betting on what time the first goal will happen
  • Betting on the number of different scorers

Prop bets can get a whole lot more creative than this too. For example, soccer bets may involve betting on the number of fouls. It may mean betting on the time of the substitution. We have even seen soccer prop bets that talk about whether the coach will be sent off.

As you explore the world of prop betting in Maryland, you will very quickly start to see the huge wealth of different bet types open to you. If you are used to betting on the result of a game, it will be crazy.

How do the odds for Prop Bets work?

Pretty much the same way as standard odds. However, a single market may have multiple prop bets to choose from. For example, if you were betting on the first goalscorer in a soccer match, you may see 5-6 players. The odds for each of these players will be quite long because 20 people (potentially 22) on the field can score.

When sites that offer prop betting in Maryland put together their betting odds, they will, just like with moneylines, be looking at the statistical chances of something happening. This will be all done by looking at reams and reams of data. Thankfully, the staff at these Maryland sports betting sites do not have to put much effort in. The odds are decided automatically.

As people bet on each potential outcome for a prop bet, the odds will start to change up a little bit. But, again, this is automatic. It is about the sports betting site trying to balance the markets to ensure that they always profit, even if they have to pay out huge sums of cash.

Honestly, the only real difference between betting odds for prop bets and other bets is that these odds will be slightly longer. They are still calculated in the same way, though.

Why do people use prop bets?

Because it is a much more exciting way to gamble.

It is fair to say that betting on the outcome of a game is far easier. While you do get evenly matched teams, and things can happen during the game, it is often going to be quite predictable who will win.

You don’t get that with prop bets. Betting on a particular event happening in a game is a massive risk. It is exciting. When something carries a bigger risk, it means that it can lead to far bigger rewards. Since gamblers want to earn as much money as they possibly can, a couple of prop bets can be a great choice.

If you build up parlays regularly, you may find that adding a prop bet or two into the mix can also help. Due to prop bets having better odds than your average Moneyline, they can drastically increase the value of your parlay. Even if you just added one or two onto that parlay, the odds will shoot up. Although, once again, there is still going to be that risk factor there.

Finally, prop betting encourages more of a strategic view of the sport. For example, we reckon that we could give you a Moneyline between the Baltimore Ravens and another team in the NFL, and you will have a decent idea of who will win, even if you are not into the NFL all that much. However, if you were prop betting on the game’s outcome, e.g., betting on which player scores the most points or the distance run, then things require you to know the sport. Some people love this strategic way of gambling. We certainly do.

Why should you avoid prop bets?

Prop betting in Maryland may seem exciting, but we are the first to admit that it probably will not be for everybody.

If you are a fan of safe bets, you need to steer clear of prop betting. It is always going to be quite risky. Remember, the way prop betting works means that it will be incredibly tough to hedge your bets. Unfortunately, this means that you don’t really have anything there that can cut your losses.

Prop bets are also not ideal for anybody who doesn’t understand the sport or team they are betting on. Prop bets are all about betting on the intricacies of the game. It is all well and good thinking that a certain player may score in a game, but if they do not have a solid history of it, the chances of that happening are small. Unfortunately, the people that do not understand the bets that they are making tend to be the ones that see the biggest losses.

FAQ’s About Prop Betting Maryland

How often do the odds change for prop bets?

Prop bets will often have their odds change a lot more than other bet types. This is because the online betting site has to put a lot more effort into balancing the odds to ensure that they are always making a profit from the bets.

Can you get enhanced odds on prop bets?

Yes. In fact, if a sports betting site does offer enhanced odds, it is almost always going to be on prop bets. But, again, this is because these chances of them coming through are lower, which means it is going to be less of a risk to the sportsbook.

Can you add prop bets to parlays?

You can. A lot of people do. While it does make the odds of winning that parlay a little bit tougher, it is very much a risk-to-reward scenario. Adding a couple of prop bets to a parlay filled with moneylines can drastically increase the odds. This means that people will be enjoying a far greater return on their bets.

Do prop bets appear in live events?

It depends on the prop bet. Some simply wouldn’t work for live betting. Some may disappear halfway through the game because that market will have finished. In some cases, you may even find that new prop bets will appear. But, honestly, the best option is to always do your prop betting before a game. The chances are that the odds will be far, far worse when the match starts.

Do all sportsbooks in Maryland offer prop bets?

Yes. All proper sportsbooks should offer prop betting in Maryland. This is because prop bets will form a staple part of any online betting site’s income. In addition, it is quite often the prop betting options that draw the majority of people into a website.