Fiesta Bowl betting Maryland

Fiesta bowl betting in Maryland is becoming a trendy way for college games enthusiasts to pass the time and earn some extra money. There are many great sports betting sites available to the state, and it is crucial you know which ones are legit and how to properly place a bet on the Fiesta Bowl in MD.

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Guide to betting in MD on the Fiesta Bowl

If you are new to betting but anxious to place a bet on the Fiesta Bowl this coming season, take a quick look at this article. By the time you reach the end, you should have a pretty good understanding of betting on the Fiesta Bowl in Maryland and confidence that your bet will bring you a decent payout.

This article will give you a great list of the top betting sites in Maryland to visit when placing your bets. We will also provide you with how to place your first bet and what types of bets you should consider wagering on.

Fiesta Bowl Betting in Maryland


Well, we know how eager you are to get your wager locked in, but hold onto your wallets for the moment. You first need to find the best sportsbook available to you online.

There are plenty of Maryland sports betting sites out there ready to take your money, but try not to get wrapped up in all of their bonuses or sign-on offers. When searching for a good sportsbook, look for those that are reputable, professional, and have good reviews.

Sportsbooks in Maryland for betting on the Fiesta Bowl

Here is a list of the top Maryland online sportsbooks, along with some of the reasons we feel these companies are great places to start.

  • BetMGM- BetMGM offers an easy-to-use website and fantastic customer service. This company is excellent for placing bets on football in MD along with a number of other sports. They’re also known for providing its customers with frequent promotions and deals.
  • Fandual- Fanduel is well known for the new customer bonuses as well as their odds boost offers. This site is well maintained and accepts pretty much every possible type of deposit, making it easy for players to fund their accounts. At this provider, you can also get into some NFL betting in Maryland action.
  • Barstool Betting- Barstool is one of the quickest growing and highest rating sports betting sites available. They are pros when it comes to all things sports and offer amazing deals daily.
  • Pointsbet– With amazing customer support and easy to access website, app, and account, Pointsbet is a great sportsbook site that offers customers fantastic incentives to join their page and then to stay.
  • DraftKings- DraftKing is well known for its user-friendly platforms and easy-to-access promotions and deals for all types of sports games. Their services are top of the line, and the payout is known to be fair and, at times, effortless. They also offer NFL draft betting in Maryland.

There are no rules against creating an account for more than one of these sports betting sites. But, to be honest, we actually recommend it. Because the more accounts you own, the more options you will have when it comes to picking the best promos and lines. (we will get into this momentarily.)

How to create an account at a Fiest Bowl sportsbook in Maryland


Now that you have a good idea of what types of sportsbooks are out there, let’s create your account.

Choose the betting site

Choose the site or sites you feel most comfortable with. They should accept your banking information, and you shouldn’t have any issues navigating through the site.

Create an account

Click on “create new account” and, when prompted, insert all of your personal information needed to make your individual account.

Open your e-mail

Find the “welcome” e-mail the company sends to you and use it to log in to your new sportsbook account for the first time.

Type in your financial info

Enter your financial information needed for deposits. Most sportsbooks sites work directly with a majority of major financial institutions.

Choose your bonus

Find a great promotion and a great bet related to the Fiesta Bowl.

Place your bets

Place your first wager.

Types of bets available in Maryland for the Fiesta Bowl


Before you can place a bet confidently, you should be able to identify each betting style and understand which ones are the best for betting on Maryland NCAA football games like the Fiesta Bowl.

No one should ever go into a bet without knowing what they are wagering on and what the outcomes could mean.

There are five styles of betting that are the most popular when betting on these games in sports betting. Here is a list of those five and how to use each of them to your advantage.

To explain the different forms of betting, let’s use the Fiesta Bowl scores of 2019, for example. Clemson Tigers beat the Ohio Buckeyes 29-23. Clemson opened as the Favorite, with the Buckeyes seen as the underdog.

Fiesta Bowl Moneyline betting

The Moneyline is one of the more commonly used wager styles for odds betting in Maryland. This is because it is straightforward and effortless to do with only three outcomes possible.

The Underdogs Win– If you were to place a bet for the Buckeyes and they win, you win. Placing a bet for the underdog starts with a wager usually looking something like $100 down to win $150 plus your deposit. ($250 total)

The Favorite Wins- If you bet on the Clemson Tigers and they win, you win. When betting for the Favorite, your wager is going to be higher than that of the underdog. You would probably put down something like $150 to win $100 plus your deposit back ($250 total).

Evens– In a match-up like this, there is a good chance you could also play an evens money line. This is done when teams are so close in performance; it would be hard to predict a winner. Therefore, when betting even, both sides will wager the same amount with the same winning outcome.

Maryland Over/Under (Points Total) Fiesta Bowl betting

This is another straightforward kind of bet. The sportsbook will predict an outcome of the total points to be scored in the Fiesta Bowl, and you must choose if the score will be over that number or under it.

So, in this case, the sportsbooks predict a 43 total points outcome at the end of the game. If you bet over, you would have won the bet.

Maryland Fiesta Bowl Props betting

A props bet is a wager placed on something or someone that has to do with the game, but nothing to do with the final results. For example, you bet that Travis Etienne will score a touchdown in the final quarter of the Fiesta Bowl.

In 2019, you would have won that bet. With a great pass from Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne scored a 34-yard touchdown with less than 2 minutes left in the game.

Maryland Fiesta Bowl Futures betting

Just as it sounds, a futures bet is placing a wager on a team well before the game is played. For the example above, you would wager the Ohio Buckeyes would win the game by 7 points a month before the game starts. You would have lost that bet.

Maryland Point Spread betting

The point spread betting style is made so that each team can be fairly wagered on whether you want to place a bet on the underdog or the Favorite. Each sportsbook will provide its own form of points spread and determine how many points will be added to the underdog’s final score and how many will be taken from the favorites.

With the Buckeyes being the underdogs, a sportsbook may provide a spread with Buckeyes +7 and Tigers -7. If you wagered on the Buckeyes, you would have won in the Fiesta Bowl 2019. With the final score being Tigers 29 and Buckeyes 23. It would actually look, Tigers 27 and Buckeyes 30.

There are many other types of betting you can choose from when placing wagers on the Fiesta Bowl if you live in the state of Maryland. However, these are the more popular played games and seem to give bettors great odds.

Other bowls to bet on in the state:

FAQs About Fiesta Bowl betting Maryland

What is Juice in sports betting?

The Juice, AKA the Vig, is the fee you pay to the house to place a bet. So, if you are placing a $100 bet on the Tigers winning the 2019 Fiesta Bowl, you technically have to put down $110, with $10 being the Juice,

Is it legal to bet on the Fiesta Bowl in Maryland?

Yes, as long as you are using a legal state-certified Maryland sports betting site.

Where do you find promotions and bonuses on the Fiesta Bowl?

The best place to locate deals when placing a sports bet is by frequently looking at the online sportsbooks in Maryland and their social media accounts.

What types of sports bets are best for the Fiesta Bowl?

You can win it big no matter which bet you place when betting on the Fiesta Bowl. However, the most popular types include Over/under, Moneyline, futures, Props, and Points-spread.

What is the Fiesta Bowl?

The Fiesta Bowl is an annual college game that takes place right around the new year and rotates with the other five-yearly bowls in decided which team will make it into the National Championship.