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Tennis betting in Maryland

Winner! You’ve just found the only guide to tennis betting in Maryland you’ll ever need. Are you ready to participate in the action and make highly profitable bets? We bet you are! By the end of this ultimate how-to guide, you’ll be up there with the pros. So let’s get right into the details.

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Tennis betting in Maryland

You’ll be making profitable bets with experienced bettors in no time at all after reading this page. We’ll discuss everything from different bets, the best sportsbooks for tennis odds and much more. Just stay sober and place your tennis bets with your head, not your heart and everything will be fine.

Choose your Maryland Tennis sportsbooks


Okay, so, why the plural? Well, one just isn’t enough! Give yourself the best chance at success by always picking the best Maryland tennis betting odds. How do you do that? By making accounts at multiple legitimate Maryland sportsbooks! We’ll show you how.

First, the financials

Fast payouts in Maryland? Easy deposit methods? Yes, and yes. These two factors indicate a great bookie (on the financial front, at least). If a sportsbook is making you wait weeks upon weeks to get your hands on your winnings, get rid. You should have access to your well-deserved dollars within 48 hours.

Second, the security

3D secure payment systems are a big YES. A Maryland sports betting site with two-factor authentication is a bonus. Plus, they should have their security procedures laid out in simple English somewhere on their site.

Top Tip: Head to the site and check the URL bar. Can you see a padlock? If so, you’re onto a winner. It means the bookie uses SSL or TSL protocols to protect your data. No padlock? No security.

Third, their transparency

Nothing beats a trustworthy sportsbook. If you can’t trust them, discard them. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scam sites. But we’re teaching you how to avoid them. Top Tip: If something seems too good to be true, it usually is!

Fourth, the perks

Bonuses play a huge role in the quality of a sportsbook. So there should be welcome offers, daily rewards, weekly reloads, and more to build your bankroll. Great bonuses = more bang for your buck. Not to mention they incite loyalty and allow you to learn more about tennis betting in MD.

Fifth, the odds

So far, all the sportsbooks you’ve looked at might be equal. They’ve got great perks. They all stand by their exceptional security. And they are as transparent as they come. Now, you need to discard the ones with weak tennis betting odds. Ensure you check all the markets. Some specialize in specific ones like:

  • Pointsbet — best for futures
  • BetMGM — best for payout and deposit speeds/limits
  • Draftkings — best for a deposit bonus
  • Fanduel — best for live tennis betting in Maryland

Sixth, the service

Sometimes, things go wrong. That’s just a fact of life. But how does the bookie work to solve it? Never dump your hard-earned dollars into a site before understanding how their customer service works. Try to find these:

  • A contact number
  • An email address
  • An FAQs page

Ideally, you should check out some reviews (not the ones on the sportsbook site itself!). Don’t stress about a few negative ones. But if they are always underperforming, it’s a massive red flag.

Seventh, the 5 big players

Don’t worry. We’re not going to leave you stranded in the big wide world of sportsbooks. Instead, you’ll find the top 5 best ones below to narrow your search and save time. After all, you want to get straight to the money-making goodness.

  • Pointsbet: Great sports markets, fantastic moneyline betting, decent welcome package.
  • Draftkings: User-friendly interface, well-developed mobile app, and attractive bonuses.
  • BetMGM: Speedy payouts, easy-to-navigate layout, and excellent for new bettors.
  • Fanduel: Best for props, enticing welcome promotions, and a pleasant user experience.
  • Barstool Sportsbook: Good number of tennis betting lines, fantastic mobile app, and excellent security.

Find your favorite Tennis bet type in MD


Made your accounts? Fab! It’s time to get to grips with the betting options.

Tennis Moneyline Bets

Wonderfully straightforward, moneyline bets are the most popular with rookies and experts. All you need to do is pick the winner.

Top Tip: Take note of the positive and negative signs against the odds. A negative sign indicates the favorite player. A positive sign indicates the underdog.

Tennis Game Spread Bets in MD

Tennis matches often have large odds. Why? Because there is less variance than with team sports. A game spread, however, levels the playing field.

Example: Andy Murray is a -1,100 favorite over Denis Istomin. It’s a 3-set match. The game spread is -4.5. Murray needs to win 5 more games than Istomin to cover. If Murray wings 6-4 6-4, a bet on Istomin would win.

Tennis Futures – Maryland

Futures is an easy type of bet to get your head around. All you’re doing is betting on a future outcome. For example, in tennis, futures might be:

  • Who will win the ITF Future Tour?
  • Who will win the ATP Tour 500?
  • Who will be the overall winner at Wimbledon?

Live Tennis bets in Maryland

Live or in-game betting is incredibly fun. You can turn a profit within a matter of seconds. As long as you have an intimate knowledge of the game and understand the fundamentals of betting, it’s a great way to make some money.

Tennis Over/Under bets – MD

Here, you wager on how many sets it takes for the match to finish. No need to pick a winner. Simply decide whether it will take more or fewer sets than the bookies’ numbers.

Take some advice from the tennis betting experts in MD


You’re almost ready to join the big betting leagues. Just take note of some tennis betting tips from the experts, and you’ll be good to go.

  • Interpret statistics correctly — Form study is vital when deciding who to bet on. The trick is deciding how far back you need to go. Some players have a bad 5-year run, but is this year going to be different? Were they suffering from an illness? It’s all-important.
  • Profit on pre-match drifters — Players’ odds will drift. This can be for several reasons, including motivation, medical, and fitness concerns. If your player doesn’t care about winning, they won’t. And you’ll lose your cash in the process.
  • Find value — Fans love certain players and despise others. But fan-favorites don’t always win. In some cases, you’re much better off going against the grain.
  • Serve, and returns are important — A weak serve can cost a player the whole match. Understanding your player’s strengths and limits in this area can improve your success rate.
  • Learn how players perform under pressure
  • Don’t get left behind — Value can disappear in a matter of seconds. Thus, you need to act quickly but smartly when wagering. Ensure you have a solid internet connection, so you don’t miss out.
  • Know court surfaces — If a player isn’t used to a surface, it can
  • Never be a sheep — Momentum drives price movement. However, there are moments when this is too much or too little. Do your research, and don’t always follow the crowd. They don’t necessarily know best.
  • Don’t overcomplicate — You know the saying, “don’t run before you can walk”? It also applies to tennis betting online. As a rookie, stick to the traditional bets. Start diversifying as you gain experience.
  • Keep a record — Recording all your bets is a sure-fire way to increase your profitability. Everyone makes mistakes and incorrect tennis betting predictions. But a record allows you to see where you went wrong and learn from it.

FAQ’s About Tennis betting in Maryland

Can I bet on tennis safely and legally in Maryland?

Absolutely! Gov. Larry Hogan signed the sports betting bill into immediate effect on the 18th of May, 2021.

What are the best tennis events to bet on?

Wimbledon, the Australian Open, and the French Open are the best tennis events to bet on. But that doesn’t mean you can’t turn a profit on other tournaments.

Can a tennis match end in a draw?

No. If the scores are level, a tie-breaker is performed. A player needs to acquire a 2-point lead to win the game.

How should I keep a record of my tennis bets?

We suggest making a spreadsheet in Excel or a similar program to keep track of your tennis betting in Maryland. The headings should be: Tournament, date, bet description, stake, odds, sportsbook, result, profit/loss, roi (percentage), notes.

How does tennis scoring work?

Each match consists of two or three sets. To win a set, you need to win a minimum of 6 games. Scoring starts at love (i.e., zero) and can go up to 40 (which is only 4 points). The sequence is as follows: Love, 15, 30, 40, game point = winner!