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Maryland betting odds

The first time that you start looking for Maryland betting odds, it is likely that you are going to become overwhelmed with the number of possible bets that you have available to you. We aren’t talking about the number of sports, but the actual type of bets, e.g., moneylines, point spreads, parlays, etc.

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Finding the Best Odds in Maryland

New gamblers often find that the number of betting options available online can be somewhat confusing. So, on this page, you will learn everything that there is to know about Maryland sports betting odds.

This means discovering how you can read them and the actual type of bets you can make. Hopefully, with this information at your command, you will be able to start making much more sensible bets online. If you make more sensible bets, then you can make a lot more money.

These are some of the bets available at Maryland online sportsbooks:

Sports Betting Odds Maryland


When you look for Maryland sports betting odds, it won’t be long before you realize that there are tons of ways of writing odds. You have decimal odds. You have fractional odds. You have American odds. They are all very different ways of writing the same thing.

Most Maryland sports betting should allow you to switch between the various methods. However, it is still wise to know how each of them works just in case you don’t have that opportunity.

Decimal Odds

When you are looking at MD betting odds, you will likely see decimal odds. This is a surprisingly easy system. You just multiply the decimals by your stake. For example:

  • Decimal odds of 2.04
  • Bet of $2

In this case, you would multiply 2.04 x 2. This means if your bet wins, you get $4.08 in winnings. The higher the decimal number is, the harder it will be to win that bet, so always pay attention to those numbers when looking at Maryland sports betting odds.

Fractional Odds

Outside of the United States, fractional odds are likely to be the style that you encounter the most. As a result, many sites inside the United States will also list fractional odds if you want. Fractional odds will, as the name suggests, look like a fraction. For example, 2/1, 5/7, or 10/1. They will always be whole numbers.

The first number is the amount that you can win. The second number is the amount that you need to bet to win that amount. So, using the examples we gave before:

  • 2/1 means that if you place a $1 bet and it wins. You get $2. You will also get your original $1 stake back.
  • 5/7 means that if you place a $7 bet, you will get $5 + $7 back.
  • 10/1 means a $1 bet will return $10 + $1.

If the first number is bigger than the second number, it means that the odds are against you. The greater the difference, the less likely it is to happen. If the second number is larger, it means that the chances of the bet winning will be pretty high.

American Odds

You may find these referred to as ‘Moneyline Odds.’ Although, we are going to refer to them purely as American Odds. This is because Moneyline is also the name of a type of bet that you can make. We want to save you from getting too confused. Since this way of writing, odds are primarily used in the United States, calling them ‘American Odds’ perfectly apt.

These odds tend to work best when there are two possible outcomes. American Odds will give a relatively large number with a + or – next to them. If there is a + next to the number, you know that this is the safest bet. If there is a – next to the number, then this will be the underdogs.

So, what does that number means? Well, it means that if you staked $100 on that bet, you would get that figure back (plus your initial bet) For example, if you saw this number: +235 and you staked $10, then you would get $33.50 back (including your initial stake)

How Are Sports Betting Odds Calculated?


This is actually a hard question to answer because sites that offer Maryland sports betting odds will always have their own ways to calculate their odds, and they try to keep things secret.

There will be two things that they take into account, though.

Base Odds

When Maryland online sports betting sites first put up their betting odds. Their experts will determine these odds. It will likely take the following into account:

The chances of a particular event happening. Whether the event is a major event that they need to compete with other sportsbooks on. The profit that the bookmaker wants to make on the bet. The base odds will just be a starting point for the sportsbook. The odds will very quickly change.

The Number of People Placing Bets

We are sure you’ve heard the adage; the casino never loses. Well, this is something that applies when sportsbooks calculate Maryland sports betting odds too.

Once people start to place bets, the odds will begin to change. Through a complex set of calculations, the sportsbook will try to balance the odds to ensure no matter what the outcome of an event is, they are always going to win.

For example, if many people are placing a bet on a specific outcome and not the other outcome, they will raise the odds of the outcome not receiving any bets, and they will lower the odds for the bet that is attracting a lot of interest. They do this hoping that a lot of people will start to change what they are betting on.

If you watch in-play betting, you will see this process in motion. The odds will adjust in real-time, and this will give you an idea of where people are staking their cash.

How Do You Know When a Bet is Right For You?

You are free to go through the Maryland sports betting odds and make any bet that you want. We don’t want to stand in your way of doing that. However, we want to give you a few tips that should hopefully increase your chances of winning specific bets. These are the rules that we live by when we try to determine whether a bet is actually worth making.

Do You Understand the Event?

Rule number one for us is that we need to understand all events that we are betting on. We have seen some pretty tempting online betting odds for certain events, but we would never touch them because we don’t understand the sport or team playing.

In our opinion, all bets that you need to make should be informed. For example, you probably wouldn’t be betting on the Ravens if you never watch the NFL. If you spend a lot of time watching the Orioles and baseball, then you will probably have enough of an understanding of the market to bet on them.

For example, you know which players will perform, how the Orioles fare against certain teams, etc.

Many sportsbooks may offer odds from niche sports such as bowling or table tennis. These sportsbooks may also offer odds for events in the lower leagues around the world,e.g., the bottom division of the Norwegian football league. Never, ever touch these odds unless you actually know what is going on in these games.

Can You Afford to Lose?

Pretty simple this one. No matter how great the odds are, there is always a chance that the bet will be a losing bet. If you can’t afford to lose the money you’re gambling, you need to steer clear.

How Risky is the Bet?

It’s important that you understand how risky the bet is. When we talked about how to read Maryland sports betting odds before, we gave you an overview of how you can read odds to determine how risky a bet is.

Obviously, the riskier a bet is, the less chance of it happening. However, the more money you will win should the bet come through.

Every gambler will have their own idea about what constitutes a risky bet. When we are betting, we like to have a decent range of bets. For example, we may have some low-risk bets and some high-risk bets. This increases our odds of getting something back should we win.

Types of Sports Bets Odds in MD


There are dozens of different types of sports bets that you can make. Some of them may be unique to certain websites. It can get rather confusing when you are looking at Maryland sports betting odds.

In this section, we want to talk about the types of bets that you are likely to encounter the most. Head to pretty much any sportsbook or Maryland sports betting apps, and we are sure that these bets will be available.

Moneylines odds

Moneylines are probably going to be the odds that you encounter the most. They are also the simplest to understand.

Moneylines will simply be choosing the winner or the loser of a game. Moneyline bets tend to apply to sports like football, soccer, and basketball. Hockey and baseball will have their own type of Moneyline bet.

Run Lines

Run lines are unique to baseball. They function in the same way as Moneyline bets in so far as that you are picking who may win the game, albeit with a slight difference. Of course, you can always place a standard Moneyline bet if you are unsure how run lines work:

If you bet on the favorite for the game, then you are predicting that they will win by at least 1.5 runs.

If you are betting on the underdog baseball team, then you are predicting that they will be within 1.5 runs of the winner. So, if the underdog lost by 1 run, you would still be a winner.

These bets often have a better payout for when you are betting on the favorite of the game. After all, they are going to have to work a little bit harder than the underdogs. This is because not only do they have to win, but they have to win by at least 1.5 runs. The underdog doesn’t have to win. They just have to ensure that their run score is 1 behind the favorite.

Puck Lines

Hockey Moneyline bets are known as ‘puck lines.’ You aren’t just picking the winner of a sporting event here, but you are attempting to predict what the final score will be. Now, as with run lines, you can still place your standard Moneyline bet in hockey. However, lots of people do like to spice things up by placing puck line bets instead.

Puck line bets work as follows:

If you bet on the favorite for the hockey game, you are predicting that they will win by at least 1.5 goals. Suppose you bet on the underdog for the hockey game. You are predicting that they will be within 1.5 goals of the other team. So, if the underdog loses by one goal, it is still a winning bet.

Of course, you are also a winner if your chosen team has a score far greater than that 1.5 goal difference. For example, if you bet on the underdog and they win by 3 goals, then you have won your bet.

Totals Odds (Over/Under)

Totals are when you bet on how often a certain event in the game will occur. You will often find Maryland sports betting odds refer to these as ‘over/under bets. This is because you won’t be betting on the exact number of times that event occurs, but whether it is going to be over or under a certain number. For example, these would be totals bets:

  • Betting on the Orioles having over 4 runs.
  • Betting on a match between the Orioles and Minnesota Twins having under 9 runs combined.
  • Betting on a soccer team has under a certain number of yellow cards.

Basically, any type of event that can occur multiple times in a game will probably have a totals bet attached to it.

Point Spreads Maryland Odds

Point spreads are similar to run lines and puck lines insofar as that you will be predicting what the final score will be. However, point spreads expand upon this a little bit.

With run lines and puck lines, you are predicting that the score will be +/- 1.5 runs or goals. With point spreads, you can expand this a little bit. For example, you may bet on the favorite winning by at least 3 runs, or the underdog is scoring within at least 3 runs.

These numbers can be as high or low as you like. Of course, increasing the number of the favorite means the risk is higher, and thus there is a greater payout. Increasing the number on the underdog means the risk goes down, and payouts will be lower.

Unlike run lines and pick lines, you can bet on point spreads on pretty much any sport.

Parlays MD Sports Betting Odds

Parlays are when you combine multiple bets into one. This will often be bets across multiple events. However, you can make parlay bets on the same event too. All that matters is that the bets are not related to one another ,e.g. ,you can’t predict both teams to win a game. However, you can bet on a team to win a game, plus the number of goals that the losing team will score.

Also called Combination bets

As we said, parlays will be multiple bets rolled into one. You will have to win all of the bets in your parlay if you want the bet to payout. If one event doesn’t happen, your bet is regarded as a losing bet.

The great thing about parlay bets is that you can combine as many bets into one as you want. You could have a parlay featuring 100 bets if you really wished. Although, we wouldn’t really recommend that.

The chances of that winning are low. The more bets you combine, the longer the odds get. This means the greater the reward. Parlays are often used by people that want to combine multiple ‘safe’ bets for slightly better returns.

Teaser bets Odds in MD

Teaser bets is a combination of a parlay and a spread bet. This means that you will be betting on multiple events. However, none of the bets that form a teaser bet will be a straight ‘winner or losing. You will be betting on the final point spread.

You can adjust the point spread however you wish to change the odds. This means that you can place a bet as safe or as risky as you want. Many sports betting sites may not actually list teasers separately. Instead, they will just be part of their standard parlay bets as with the hedge bets.

Learn more about different types of Maryland sports betting promos before you decide to enter the world of sports betting.

FAQs About Odds at Maryland Sports Betting

Will all Maryland sports betting websites have the same odds?

No. Due to how sports betting odds are calculated, websites will pretty much always have different betting odds. If you are an avid sports bettor, then you may actually have a few different websites that you can flick through to ensure that you always get the best odds for the situation.

How quickly do in-play betting odds change?

Exceedingly quickly. In-play betting odds change based upon the number of people betting on an outcome, as well as the action happening on the field. This means that in-play betting odds can change every couple of seconds.

What are futures bets?

Futures bets are pretty much the same as any other type of bet. The only difference here is that you will be betting on an event that is happening a long time into the future. For example, betting on who will win the Super Bowl before the final two teams have been decided. It may even be betting on who may win the MLS.