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BetRivers MD promo code JOKERZINO for new users in July 2024

BetRivers BetRivers MD promo code BetRivers Sportsbook Up to $500 in bonus bets
  • Great bonus terms
  • Excellent loyalty program
Bet now BetRivers Maryland promos

This is the review of BetRivers MD promo code in July 2024. With so many different online betting platforms to pick and choose from, BetRivers Maryland-based players can have a bit of a difficult time finding the right place to call “home” when they want to drop some money on a game or match.

BetRivers bonuses Maryland


Thankfully, though, BetRivers Maryland simplifies things significantly by offering such a fantastic service – one of the best in the business – with great promo offers, amazing bonuses, and one of the widest varieties of sports available to be wagered on across any app in the business (US-based or otherwise).

There’s no real limit to the kinds of bonus and promo offers you’ll find at BetRivers.

This sports betting platform is always coming up with new ways to offer deals, promos, and free wager opportunities to MD based players, kicking things off with a New Player bonus but also offering anywhere between five and eight ongoing bonuses (rotating bonuses) throughout the year as well.

BetRivers MD new player bonus

New BetRivers Maryland players are going to be able to get a 100% deposit match when they first fund their betting account. This is good for up to $250 in free money, with a one time rollover as well.

Deposit match promo codes at BetRivers MD

Other deposit match promo offers are available throughout the year, usually providing 50% (or more) deposit matches for sports betting up to $100 in free money.

These are some of the most common promo deals that BetRivers runs, so expect to find them regularly available whenever you fire up the app or check out the website.

iRush rewards VIP program BetRivers MD

This rewards VIP program is (relatively) new for BetRivers Maryland players and not yet fully fleshed out.

But you are going to be able to earn new rewards, special bonus offers, and other exciting deals based off of your playing time and the money you wager – regardless of whether or not you win. That’s pretty sweet!

BetRivers Maryland review


There’s a reason why so many BetRivers Maryland players leave fantastic posts all over the web for this operation, such as the great app, features, banking and sports offering. On this page players can learn more about what makes this Maryland sports betting site so special in our in depth Betrivers Maryland Review.

BetRivers Maryland app and mobile experience

The mobile and app experience from BetRivers isn’t quite as well polished as some of the other options out there, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to handicap the fun or excitement you’ll have when you jump into this MD sportsbook.

BetRivers mobile app

The mobile betting app is a little bit slower to load, a little bit slower to navigate, and not always the best option when you want to do some live betting on active games or matches that you are actually watching.

Other than that, though, you’ll have all of the same betting options available, all of the same types of wagers to pick and choose from, and access to the same tools, features, and settings you would have had access to on the traditional website.

Mobile website

The mobile website from BetRivers, though, is a lot faster and a lot more polished – mostly because it is essentially a “scaled down” version of the traditional desktop experience.

Navigation is the exact same, the settings and features are exactly the same, and the live sports betting experience here is very responsive. You’ll have no trouble whatsoever placing wagers before the next play comes in if you are into that kind of action! Other operators with a great app experience:

Features and benefits of BetRivers MD

A big part of the popularity of this platform (especially with BetRivers Maryland players) is the special features and benefits that help to separate this platform from the rest of the pack.

Awesome deposit bonuses

For starters, the deposit bonuses you’ll be able to use are some of the most generous in the entirety of the online betting industry and attract a lot of MD players to this platform specifically.

Being able to get 100% matches on your deposits (for up to $250, and sometimes even more) pretty consistently allows you to build a warchest to do some online betting with. Other platforms offer deposit bonus deals, too – but none of them are quite as player friendly or as generous as the BetRivers ones are.

Almost unlimited sports wager options

Another major advantage that BetRivers has over the competition is the sheer amount of sports wagering opportunities available to your average player. You’ll be able to bet on pretty much every US-based sporting event going on, as well as the overwhelming majority of international sporting events, games, and matches as well.

This is great for BetRivers Maryland-based players that want to be able to jump right into the action at any time, day or night, with games that are happening live somewhere around the world.

Polished live betting experience

The live betting experience through the BetRivers website is super well done, maybe the best we’ve ever seen. You’ll get many of opportunities to place wagers on odds that move and shift with all the action happening on the field, prop bet opportunities much on a play-by-play basis, and a whole bunch of other sports betting options with this live betting capability that you won’t find anywhere else.

Great “inside info” for smarter wagers

Finally, it’s important to mention just how useful the online betting tips and “inside info” provided by BetRivers really is. A lot of online sportsbooks and casinos promise to offer tips and information for their players, but most players are skeptical whenever the house tries to point you in the direction of a “winner”.

That’s not a problem here. BetRivers Maryland players are going to be able to trust that the info they get from this set up is legit, that the info is unbiased, and that real experts – folks that actually make their money through online betting – are the ones that are providing the tip in the first place.

BetRivers Maryland banking methods

The banking set up at BetRivers is what you’d expect from any other sportsbook, with a $10 minimum deposit required across the board. Players won’t have to worry about ponying up any money for deposit fees, though.

That’s a pretty big deal, especially with some of the sportsbooks in the US starting to trend in this direction to squeeze players for a little more money.


  • All Major Credit and Debit Cards Electronic
  • Bank Transfers (ACH)
  • PayNearMe
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Rivers Prepaid Card

You can also get money into your online betting account by visiting the cage at any physical Rivers Casino, just by stopping by the cage, providing your account details, and making a cash deposit.

BetRivers Withdrawals in Maryland

  • Electronic Bank Transfers (ACH)
  • Paper Check
  • Rivers Prepaid Card

Cash can be withdrawn from your Rivers online betting account at the cage as well. Swing by, let them know what your account information is, and they’ll be able to put cold, hard cash in your hands right there on the spot – even if you haven’t played any games at the physical casino.

BetRivers MD sports offerings & betting markets

As we made mention of a moment ago, BetRivers Maryland-based players are going to have almost no limitations when it comes to placing bets and wagers on sporting events and matches in the US and around the world.

The odds are good that if there is a game being played somewhere on the planet you’ll be able to bet on it through the Rivers online platform.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • Racing (Auto and Cycling)
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Both professional and college teams in the United States are supported on this sports betting set up.

Types of bets available at BetRivers MD

This online betting platform also has more types of bets available to players than any other online sportsbook (for the most part), too. You’ll be able to place these kinds of bets with no trouble at all:

  • Moneyline
  • Over/Under
  • Straight Bets
  • Point Spread
  • Total Parlays
  • Jackpot
  • Parlays
  • Prop Bets
  • Futures
  • Round Robins
  • Buy Out Bets

Live betting allows you to bet on games as the action unfolds. The odds are constantly updating based on what is happening in the game. Live betting options will vary per market. Teaser bets are also available for MD based players that want to get in on the action.

Customer support

Customer support is available through the live chat capabilities of the app itself (available on both Android and iOS devices) between the hours of 9:30 AM and 2:30 AM each and every day.

Email support is also available for players, though the response time is generally two or three days (business days) from when you sent your email in the first place. As of right now (the middle of 2021) phone support has been disabled. It may be re-enabled later on, though.

Final verdict

Though there are plenty of other options out there for players to check out when they want to use an online sportsbook, it’s hard to argue with all that BetRivers brings to the table – especially when it comes to the sheer amount of sporting events and matches they let you gamble on.

The lines and odds are fantastic, the bonus and promo offers are amongst the best in the business, and while the BetRivers Maryland mobile app could use a little bit of polishing it still beats plenty of competing options (and the desktop/web version of this platform is fantastic, too).

All in all, if you’re looking for a new sports betting platform to call home as a Maryland player you’ll want to zero in on BetRivers for sure.

FAQ’s About BetRivers sportsbook MD

Is BetRivers safe to place wagers on?

100% safe, 100% secure, and 100% legitimate!

Will the BetRivers mobile app work on my Android or Apple device?

For sure! Players are going to find a free app available for both iOS and Android devices in their respective app stores.

How good are the odds from BetRivers Maryland?

The odds you’ll get on the BetRivers platform come straight from Vegas, putting them in line with pretty much every other professional online betting platform and sportsbook.

What are my bet minimums and maximums?

You are going to have to place at least a five dollar minimum bet down on any wager that you make, but there’s absolutely no maximum that BetRivers Maryland players have to stay under.

Can the BetRivers MD sportsbook tips be trusted?

These sportsbook tips can definitely be trusted (though, like anything else, you’ll want to independently verify them), coming from some of the most respected professionals in the sports betting industry.

Is there a BetRivers MD promo code offer?

Yes, there is a BetRivers MD promo code! You will find it on our list.

Can I use the BetRivers MD promo code more than once?

No, You can only use the BetRivers MD promo code once per person.