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MMA Betting in Maryland

MMA betting in Maryland is an exciting opportunity, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. To help you out, we have gathered the basic information you need to get started, in this guide to Maryland MMA betting.

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MMA betting guide Maryland

As long as you take the time to learn the basics of MMA betting in Maryland, your experience should be pleasant. While it requires some discipline, MMA betting is a great way to get a small taste of the victory you are (hopefully) betting on. So keep your head on the stats, but don’t forget to enjoy each match.

Best MMA betting sites in MD


The best way for you to participate in MMA betting in Maryland is by utilizing an online MMA sportsbook. Online sportsbooks offer all the benefits of an in-person book, but they make the entire process more streamlined.

When you are just starting out, an online sportsbook takes the pressure off because everything is done behind a screen. That being said, the five Maryland online sportsbooks that we suggest for MMA betting in Maryland are:

BetMGM MMA lines

BetMGM Maryland has a well-designed web page that makes getting where you need to go a breeze. On top of that, they offer beginner-friendly features like calculating potential payouts so you can see the value of your MMA bets in just a second.

Welcome Bonus: Risk-free bet of $500

PointsBet MMA odds

On top of offering the largest opportunity for a welcome bonus, Pointsbet MD has some of the best odds and pricing for any sportsbook. They also offer cancelation of bets, which is pretty uncommon.

Welcome Bonus: $500 risk-free bet for fixed-odds; $1,500 risk-free bet for Points Betting

DraftKings MMA bets

DraftKings Maryland is a must if you are interested in betting live on events. Compared to other MMA sportsbooks, they have on-page updates for fights and statistics. Combine this with their “stats hub,” and you can tell they want to help set you up for success. Perfect combo when you want to jump into some Maryland UFC betting action.

Welcome Bonus: $500 risk-free bet

FanDuel MMA betting

You want your bet to go through the moment you push it, and FanDuel Maryland does this by providing some of the fastest processing times of any sportsbook. In addition, because their pricing tends to favor future and prop bets, FanDuel is a great cornerstone option for placing “fun” bets.

Welcome Bonus: $1,000 risk-free bet

Barstool Sportsbook MMA odds

Odds are you have interacted with Barstool Sportsbook Maryland before. They are a newer face when it comes to sports betting, but they have the know-how and technological finesse to make your betting experience both streamlined and luxurious.

Welcome Bonus: $10 for registering, one risk-free bet up to $1,000

Different MMA Betting Types in MD


Many betting types apply to a number of sports, but some exist within only that sport. MMA handles both, and understanding how these bets apply to MMA specifically will ensure that you can place your bets with intention.

Moneyline MMA odds MD

These are the most popular form of betting across all sports because they focus on the major end goal: the winner. Usually, a Moneyline will show a clear favorite and underdog with the odds. An example of this is a money line on Jones and Reyes, showing Jones at -220 and Reyes at +177.

These numbers tell you a few things. First, John Jones is favored to win by quite a bit, so the payout, if he wins, is less. You will have to bet $220 to get $100 in winnings. Betting on Dominick Reyes as the underdog sets you up to win $177 for every $100 you bet (if he wins).

Total Rounds

This is the specific way of referring to over/under bets in MMA betting. For example, when you are betting on total rounds, an oddsmaker will lay out a number to indicate the number of rounds they believe there will be in a fight before the winner is declared.

Your job is to predict whether the total rounds will be more or less than this number. For example, if the total rounds are predicted to be 1.5, and the actual total rounds end up as 2 then betting over would get you a win.

In MMA, the smaller number of rounds makes over/under betting a bit trickier. However, if you have two fighters with the same fighting style, then it gets easier. Defensive fighters add length to a fight while aggressive fighters nip it in the bud.


These are fun bets that are placed on future events, such as who will win the world title. The odds are higher the further out you are from the manifestation of the bet, so getting them in early on is key. Usually, future bets aren’t worth it when you are close to the event.

Prop Bet

Prop bets cover any aspect of MMA that can have a clear result. Some types, like betting on the winning method, are popular enough to get their own explanation (see next), but most prop bets are obscure, like the length of the fight.

Betting on whether the fight will end in a draw is one of the most lucrative prop bets if you can get it right because so few MMA fights end in draws. So this specific incident is a good choice for burning off a little betting steam, but it is not likely to pay off.

Winning Method

While this is considered a prop bet, the winning method is a popular type of betting that is intrinsic to MMA. When you are betting on a winning method, you are choosing one specific outcome:

  • Knockout
  • Submission
  • Judge decision

You do not need to know who will win the bet, but you need to know how each fighter might get to that win. Looking at fighter history can help you accurately predict the winning method. For example, aggressive fighters tend to go to knockout, while two defensive fighters can end up needing a judge’s decision.


If you are looking for a trickier style of MMA betting in Maryland, then you might want to try finessing parlays. Just don’t start with this one. A payout on a parlay is a lot higher if you win, but that is a big if.

Parlays deal with multiple outcomes, and to win, you have to predict every outcome correctly. While this is not such an issue in two fights with clear winners, anyone who knows MMA understands that a lucky hit can throw the fight in a whole different direction.

MMA betting in Maryland do’s and don’ts


If you want to get anywhere when placing your MMA bets, there are a few things you should consider. While no one likes rules, this list will help you win more and risk less with your bets.

Do: Understand what makes or breaks an MMA Fight

While a lot of MMA is actually up to chance or luck, there is a base of knowledge that you should be filling up on before placing any bets.

The strengths and weaknesses of any fighter are determined by:

  • Fighting style
  • Injuries
  • Conditions
  • Fight location
  • Preparatory efforts
  • History of the figting presence

Fighting style tends to make or break a victory, but every other aspect that follows can wear down on a fighter or build them up. It is up to you to determine how the minute details interact with each other.

Don’t: Bet on unfamiliar fights

If you know nothing about the two fighters, then you have no business betting on their interaction. Even with what appear to be clear-cut odds you should sit this one out.

There are too many variables in MMA to allow for frivolous bets. If you want to place a bet without having to think much, then you should consider prop bets, but leave your Moneyline bets to fighters you have confidence in.

Do: Look for value in underdogs

Betting on underdogs when there is value is where you stand to win big.

MMA bets are known for skewing the betting odds toward the favorite, so you cannot trust odds to let you know when the underdog might walk away victorious. In these instances, a bet on the underdog will pay off big time when they win, but you can only place these bets effectively if you are keeping up with the individual fighters.

Don’t: Stick to your favorites

It’s nice that you have found a fighter you can root for, but when you are MMA betting in Maryland, you need to fence off your heart before it leads you astray. You want a clear head when money is involved, so learn early on how to be impartial when placing bets.

Beyond this, do not put too much stock in the heavy favorites of the sport. Betting on them does not pay off well since everyone else has the same idea. Like we said before, it only takes one well-placed hit to flip the fight, and your favorite fighters are not immune.

Do: Use more than one sportsbook

Using more than one allows you to look around to find the best betting opportunities, and this is especially important in MMA.

Undervaluing happens a lot in MMA bets, especially when a line is first available, so you need to make sure you have the opportunity to find these skewed lines before they are amended.

By already having accounts with multiple Maryland sports betting sites, you can scan through the lines on each one before placing your bets. Pro tip: bookmark the MMA section in each sportsbook so you can run to those pages as quickly as possible.

Don’t: Burn through your bankroll

Set aside a specific amount of money for MMA betting in Maryland, and then do not touch another cent in your personal finances. If you need additional restraining, you should consider budgeting the maximum amount you can put on each bet. For example, 5% of your bankroll is a good number.

FAQ’s About MMA Betting in Maryland

Is MMA betting legal in Maryland?

Yes, MMA betting is legal in Maryland. All sports betting was legalized in Maryland when Governor Larry Hogan signed bill HB 940 into law on May 18, 2021.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings in MD?

Any money you make from winning MMA bets in Maryland you will have to pay income tax on. Any winnings over $500 require you to file a Form 502D and pay the tax within 60 days of receiving your prize.

What bet is the hardest to place in MMA betting?

Parlay bets are the hardest to predict accurately. This is because they function as a tiered bet. In most cases, you stand to make more money betting on two fights separately.

Who determines the odds in MMA bets in MD?

A professional oddsmaker will use current statistics with public perception to come up with the odds you will see attached to every bet. In MMA, oddsmakers tend to hold public perception with more weight than in other sports.

How do I determine my bankroll?

The size of your bankroll depends on your situation. Just make sure you do not use any money that you will need for bills or any other day-to-day expenses. A bankroll is born from privilege, not desperation, but if you think that the extra $10 in your budget can get you started, then so be it.