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Over/under betting Maryland

Are you a numbers-loving sports fanatic? Are you constantly predicting the number of points two teams will score? Then over/under betting in Maryland might just be your thing. An over/under (totals) bet is a wager on the final combined score being over or under a number predetermined by a sportsbook. In this guide, we will look at the basics of over/under betting and which sportsbooks in Maryland are the best. Let’s get started!

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Over/unders at MD sportsbooks

While over/under betting is simple, you can most definitely be strategic about your wagers. You can also choose the right MD sportsbook(s) for your needs (hello payout).

This article is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of over/under betting so that you can confidently wager on a sports event in Maryland. We wish you the best of luck (with a little skill too, of course)!

Best sportsbooks in Maryland for over under bets


We’ve covered over/under (totals) betting basics, and you get it. Over the total or under the total, right? Ok, so let’s take a look at the best sportsbooks in Maryland for over/under betting so you can put all of that knowledge to the test.

DraftKings over unders

The king of sports betting? Perhaps. Draftkings tops our list of the best sportsbooks in Maryland because they’ve proven themselves to be an influential, prominent DFS brand.

When you are ready to place your first over-under bet, create a DraftKings Maryland account and deposit money. Yep, that’s all. Heads up – You get 20 bucks in free play after depositing at least $5, and you get up to $1,050 in bonuses after placing your first totals wager.

FanDuel over/unders

Right up there at the top of the sports betting industry with DraftKings is FanDuel.

FanDuel is experienced, offers extensive training, and provides excellent customer service to all customers, especially new ones. It’s definitely one of the best sportsbooks in Maryland.

Just check this out – your first bet is risk-free up to $1,000. Say your first over/under bet doesn’t go as planned, and you end up losing. That’s fine – you probably learned a little, and on top of that, FanDuel will refund you the amount of the wager up to $1,000 in site credit.

All you have to do is create a FanDuel Maryland account and deposit cash. Then wager on your favorite sporting event!

BetMGM Totals

Looking for an elegant, user-friendly sportsbook site that offers over/under betting Maryland? Look no further than BetMGM, an outstanding DFS operator that gets it. BetMGM guarantees your first bet is risk-free up to $600, so if you lose, you will receive your wager back in site credit.

PointsBet over/unders

PointsBet, an Australian-born sports betting site that has ventured into the states (Maryland!), is a popular DFS operator.

PointsBet offers two risk-free bets up to $2,000, which means the following:

  • Lose your first Points Betting wager and get up to $1,500 back in site credit.
  • Lose your first fixed odds bet and get up to $500 back in site credit.

Barstool Maryland Totals

Finishing out our list of the top sportsbooks for over/under betting is Barstool Maryland . Once a controversial sports blog, Barstool is now a popular choice for online sports betting.

As with all of the other sportsbooks, first-timers will need to create an account and deposit cash. As with other sites, Barstool will guarantee your first bet by offering up to $1,000 in sportsbook bonus cash if you lose.

Over/Under (Totals) bets explained


While moneyline and point spread bets focus on the win, over/under betting is a whole other ballgame. The winner isn’t of any concern; what matters is the final combined number of points scored.

Over/under betting is popular in high-scoring games, such as basketball or football. But don’t worry, you can certainly wager on totals on low-scoring games as well. So if you love baseball or soccer, there’s an option for you.

In addition to the total points scored in a game or match, over/under bets are exciting because you can bet on game-specific actions. Take a look at these examples:

  • Will there be over or under six birdies on hole 5 in the Masters?
  • Will an NFL football player rush for 1,040.5 yards in one season?
  • Will the pitcher of an MLB game be over or under 5 strikeouts in the game?

You are simply deciding whether or not the final result will be over or under a set number.

What are the odds in over/under betting in Maryland?

Usually, sportsbooks set the odds (payout) in over/under bets both at -110. You might see it written as:

  • Over -110 / Under -110, or
  • O -110 / U -110

With both of these odds, you have to bet $110 to make a $100 profit. This is because the sportsbook takes a 10% commission. The odds are the same whether you choose over or under.

You will see different variations of payouts. Sportsbooks often shift the odds to keep both O/U sides even. If one side is getting more action, the sportsbook will try to make the other side more appealing by shifting the “juice.” Take a look at this example:

A sportsbook originally sets the odds for a Terrapins game as follows:

  • Over 185.5 (-110)
  • Under 185.5 (-110)

The sportsbook notices that the majority of bettors think it’s going to be a much higher-scoring game. The sportsbook needs to do something to entice customers to bet on the “under” side to keep things as close as possible. They shift the odds:

  • Over 185.5 (-115)
  • Under 185.5 (-105)

This means those betting “over” must now risk $115 to win $100, while those betting under only have to risk $105 to win $100.

Sportsbooks can also move the totals line to sway bettors from one side to the other.

Let’s look at a couple of different scenarios to help all of this over/under talk make sense.

Over/Under betting scenario 1: Baltimore Ravens vs. Carolina Panthers

Let’s say the Baltimore Ravens are playing the Carolina Panthers, and a Maryland sportsbook set the over/under number at 37.5. You look at the stats and decide whether or not you think that the total points scored between the two teams will be more than 37 (over) or less than 37 (under).

Maybe you think that it will be a high-scoring game. There will definitely be more than 37 total combined points scored, in your opinion. So you would want to bet “over.”

The cool thing is that it doesn’t matter if the Ravens destroy the Panthers or vice-versa. The winner is not the focus. Only the total points scored in the game.

So, let’s pretend the final score ends up being 41. 41 is higher than the sportsbook’s prediction of 37.5, and you called it with your “over” bet. You see green.

Unfortunately, your buddy bet “under” 37. They are out of luck and looking at you with envy.

Over/Under betting scenario 2: Baltimore Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox

A sportsbook predicts that the Baltimore Orioles will have 4.5 total runs against the Boston Red Sox. Here are the odds that you are looking at:

  • Over 4.5 (-112)
  • Under 4.5 (+108)

You predict that the Orioles will have less than 4 runs. You bet $112 so that you would make a profit of $100. They end up with 5 total runs, however, so you lose the bet.

Those that bet $100 on “over” just made a profit of $108.

Over/Under betting scenario 3: Maryland Bobcats FC vs. San Diego 1904 FC

Because soccer is a low-scoring sport averaging just two goals a game, online sportsbooks in Maryland will usually set the odds in .25 intervals with the totals line at 2.25, 2.5, or 2.75.

Let’s pretend that the Maryland Bobcats are playing the San Diego 1904s in an MLS match. The over/under odds are listed as:

  • Over 2.5 goals (-220)
  • Under 2.5 goals (+140)

In this scenario, you are betting on the total points being either over or under two goals. Here’s how it could play out:

  • The final score is 1-0 Bobcats. “Under” bettors win because the total is only one, which is less than two. This is easier math than basketball numbers, right? Anyway, the payout on a $100 bet is $140.
  • The final score is 2-1 Bobcats. “Over” bettors win because the total score adds up to three, which is over the 2.5 prediction. Winners take home a profit of $45.45 on a $100 bet.

While over/under betting is a relatively easy way to bet on sports, there are

Strategies for Under/Over betting in Maryland


Ready to place your over/under bet with a Maryland sportsbook? Make the most of it by considering the following strategies:

  • Note any injuries: If the quarterback is out for shoulder surgery, this could be a major factor in how many touchdowns there are.
  • Look at the number of games the team has recently played. Fatigue could drive stats.
  • Consider the overall value of placing an over/under bet. This comes with experience, but beginners can look at the payout and compare sportsbook sites to get a good idea of their ROI.
  • Think through the entire game flow. What’s the weather forecast? How does the defense stack up (it’s not all about the offense)? Close your eyes and go play by play to get the full picture before placing a totals bet.

The pros and cons of using Over/Under (Totals) bets in Maryland

So, you’ve probably noticed that over/under betting is easy, fun, and exhilarating. But is it all roses and sunshine? Well, it depends on your strategy and your feel for sporting events overall, but yes, it has quite a few benefits.

Pros of Over/Under betting in Maryland

  • You have a 50% chance of winning because the odds are meticulously set by MD sportsbooks looking to make a profit on their end as well.
  • You can pull for both teams because the winner doesn’t matter! This is especially the case if you are betting “over” since you need both teams to score, score, score, and score more.

Cons of Over/Under betting in Maryland

  • Totals lines move. You have to pay attention so that you can place your over/under bet at just the right moment.

FAQ’s About Over/under betting Maryland

How do I make an Over/Under bet in MD?

No matter what Maryland sportsbook you choose, the process of making an over/under bet is quite similar. You just select the sport you would like to wager on, choose “over” or “under,” enter your bet, and log in to place it.

Which sports betting site is best to bet on over/unders?

There are many sportsbooks in the industry. The majority have their own specialties but there are some that stand out. On this page you will find a list of the best companies when it comes to total bets.

Why are Totals a popular form of bet?

Totals are relatively easy to understand, and can also yield a big return on a possible win. Therefore, they are a popular choice of bet.

What happens if the match goes to overtime?

Do not worry, if the match goes to overtime, nothing special happens unless the sportsbook explicitly says that overtime should not be included. This means that the only thing that counts for a total bet is the total sum of scores made.