March Madness betting Maryland

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Guide to betting on the March Madness in MD

There’s just something special about the March Madness tournament. Maybe it’s the fact that it becomes impossible to turn the TV on without the event landing on your channel. Perhaps it’s just the energy that gets put out with everyone following along with the tournament.

Even if they usually couldn’t care about The March Madness even in the least. At the end of the day, though. One of the best parts of March Madness is actually putting a little cold, hard cash down on the game and winning some wagers.

If you’re new to this kind of action. You’re going to want to use the inside info included below to help you hit the ground running. Let’s get started with this March Madness Maryland guide, shall we?

March Madness betting MD Bets


To kick things off, you’re going to want to make sure that you know what the lay of the land is like when it comes to March Madness betting Maryland sportsbook wagers, to begin with.


Brackets are far and away the most popular kinds of March Madness wagers out there. With folks getting into bracket competitions with their friends, family, coworkers, complete and total strangers, and even celebrities online.

Bracket submissions are kind of like March Madness futures, in that they have to be “locked-in” before the tournament begins.

The downside of these kinds of wagers is that your money gets locked up just as soon the tournament starts, and no one gets paid until the tournament ends. So it could be a month before you see your winnings.

Traditional wagers

On the other hand, traditional-style wagers are also super popular for March Madness betting odds (or when betting on the WNBA in MD). For starters, Moneyline wagers (for example) are available for all 68 March Madness games.

In addition, every game of the tournament can be bet on this way, with spread bets, totals, and other kinds of wagers available. These bets are a little more flexible and have updated March Madness betting lines every day of the tournament.

And let players adjust and react to the tournament’s action in real-time rather than locking up their money with March Madness betting Maryland sportsbooks right from the start.

Being able to pick and choose different games to place these kinds of bets on – while avoiding games that you don’t have much interest in is a huge advantage for traditional style betting when March Madness rolls around. Also, there’s no reason you can’t do a bracket and put money down on traditional wagers!


Prop bets are getting more popular as time goes on, especially with players that just want to sort of dip into the March Madness action now and again – even on just a game by game basis without having to pay attention to March Madness odds, favorites, or things like that.

Props like:

  • Is a specific team going to make the Elite Eight?
  • Who will be the first number one seed eliminated?
  • How many teams from the SEC will make the Sweet 16?

… And other March Madness betting action like that can be a lot of fun. Prop bets, in particular, are well suited to March Madness betting beginners that are just looking to get into the swing of things this year.

Always double-check your betting slip

One of the most important things you can do, especially when you are putting wagers through March Madness betting at Maryland sportsbooks. Is to check your betting slip regularly – at least every day (not a couple of times each day).

Remember, there are 68 different games to pick and choose from and place wagers on in the first round of this tournament. So there’s plenty of opportunities for the wrong wager to get locked in, the wrong bet to be made on a specific team, or confusing different March Madness betting line info when you are getting ready to make your pick.

Be deliberate when you are locking in your wagers. Then check your betting slip to confirm that it has the action you expected.

Make sure the amount you have wagered is correct, the odds you locked in are accurate, and the team or side of the bet you are on is 100% good to go. Then double-check every time a new round of the tournament kicks off.

Smart tips for betting on March Madness MD


Now let’s get into some more advanced tips to help you make the most of all the action March Madness betting Maryland platforms provide.

Start backwards

A huge mistake that many newbies to the tournament make is filling out their bracket in “traditional order.” That’s the last thing you want to do. This is also something to remember in overall betting, like when you want to geting into some Maryland NBA Draft betting.

Instead of picking who you expect to get out of the first round. Who you expect to get out of the second round, who you expect to get out of the third round, etc. You want to instead start at the end of the tournament – the national championship game. And then work your way backward from there.

This guarantees that the teams you think are strongest in the field will make it through your entire bracket. Something that might not happen with the other approach.

Working backward also lets you consider how you rank different teams against one another. It helps you analyze different matchups, different March Madness betting odds, and different opportunities for upsets in ways you might not have otherwise considered.

Bet upsets early

The overwhelming majority of upsets will happen during the early action when you have 68 different teams playing against one another.

Just to give you a bit of an idea of the kinds of upsets you want to laser in on, here’s a quick breakdown of the first-round seeding and how they have historically performed against one another.

  • #1 versus #16 – A #1 team has only been upset by a #16 team once in the tournament’s history.
  • #2 versus #15 – Upsets happen once about every five years
  • #3 versus #14 – Upsets happen once every two years
  • #4 versus #13 – Upsets happen once every year or so
  • #5 versus #12 – One or two of these upsets happen every year
  • #6 versus #11 – One or two of these upsets happen every year
  • #8 versus #9 – Two or three of these upsets happen every year

Jump on early lines, too

Because there is so much action going on every day of the tournament (especially early on), and because March Madness betting Maryland platforms have to have odds out for every game in a short amount of time, the potential for errors to be made when early lines are released shoot through the roof.

It’s no guarantee that you are going to be able to get the very best March Madness betting lines possible bright and early as new lines are being updated – but the odds are pretty good that this is where the mistakes by Maryland sports betting sites are going to be made and where a lot of value is available.

If you spot value lines, jump on them ASAP! They’ll disappear as quickly as possible when March Madness betting Maryland platforms discover them and remedy the situation.

Prop Bets offer big payouts

The sheer volume of prop bet opportunities available to everyday bettors is one of the best things about March Madness betting. Regular games (and most other sports, in general) aren’t loaded to the gills with all kinds of prop bets the way that the March Madness tournament is.

As a result, you’re going to have a nearly unlimited amount of prop bets to pick and choose from. If only because of the sheer amount of players, teams, and games that are all going on at the same time. If you love betting props, this is the time of the year to get in the mix.

Conference action matters most

Conference play isn’t the “be-all, end-all” to understanding how different March Madness teams will do against one another – but if there’s a history there. You want to study it and understand it as much as possible. Sure, NCAAB betting in Maryland is notorious for being particularly “streaky”.

At the same time, having some sort of feel for how teams have performed against one another in the recent past is a huge bonus compared to not having any of that information and going in completely cold.

Follow the stars

The March Madness tournament always shines a spotlight on the best players in the college game.  Not every superstar lives up to top billing, and not every elite athlete can drag their team over the finish line without a supporting crew. But, Maryland NBA betting fans is most likely a bigger crew than that.

But stars do matter when you are talking about Maryland basketball betting odds in the March Madness tournament. If a team has superstars and those players have gone deep into the March Madness tournament in the past? That’s where you’re going to want to put your money more often than not!

Best March Madness sportsbook in MD


At the end of the day, though, without a proper March Madness betting Maryland platform to act as your “home base” of sorts during the tournament, you won’t be able to get into all the betting and wager opportunities you were hoping for.

Finding the right March Madness sportsbook is a big piece of the puzzle. Some bookies are much better than others, some offer more wagering opportunities than the rest, and some just have better betting bonuses and better banking systems than competitors.

You’ll need to do your research and due diligence to zero in on a March Madness sportsbook you know you can trust going forward. To help you hit the ground running, here are five of the very best March Madness betting Maryland platforms out there today.

Best sportsbooks for March Madness in Maryland

BetMGM March Madness odds

BetMGM MD offers one of the most polished and well put together digital March Madness sportsbooks in the business today. It’s exactly what you would expect from this legendary casino and resort company. The March Madness betting action they offer is some of the best in the business.

PointsBet March Madness bets

Known throughout the industry for having almost unlimited March Madness betting lines, prop bets, and futures, PointsBet Maryland is the place to go if you want to lock in the kinds of wagers that are only available here.

DraftKings March Madness lines

If you want to do some March Madness betting from your phone, DraftKings Maryland is probably the place to be. Their mobile experience (for iOS and Android devices) is fantastic, with plenty of betting options to pick and choose from.

FanDuel odds on March Madness

FanDuel Maryland has a great live betting platform, some cool teasers (including “Same Game Teasers”), and elite customer service.

Barstool March Madness

If you’ve ever followed Portnoy on Twitter during March Madness, you know just how crazy the folks at Barstool sportsbook Maryland are over betting on this tournament. Their new March Madness sportsbook lets you go head-to-head against the Barstool crew and community on their exclusive home for sports betting.

FAQ’s About March Madness betting Maryland

What are the smart money bets on March Madness?

There are a couple of smart plays you can make on March Madness betting Maryland platforms, like betting underdogs in the first round, riding Cinderella stories up until the Sweet 16, and betting on the best teams in the tournament to cover more often than not.

What are the easiest bets to make in March Madness?

The easiest bets in the world to make during the tournament have to do with Moneyline picks. Just decide who you think will come away from the winner during a specific game, put your money on them, and watch the game!

What kinds of bets payout the most cash during March Madness?

When betting on the March Madness tournament, the biggest payouts are parlays, especially those that tie futures into the mix. These are the riskiest bets to make, but they also have big paydays when they hit.

How many upsets should I count on during March Madness?

Every year there are a handful of huge upsets that send ripples throughout the sports community. The first round is usually when you see these kinds of upsets bubble up more often than any other time, so that’s when you’ll want to bet them if you’re going down that road.

Do I have to fill out an entire bracket to bet on March Madness?

Not at all! You can bet single March Madness games, prop bets inside of March Madness games. Or you can just pick who you think will win the whole tournament. There’s a lot of freedom when you jump on the best March Madness betting Maryland sportsbooks in the business today.