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Event betting in Maryland

When you’re starting to get into the world of event betting, the options can be overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve put together this quick, easy-to-follow guide for event betting in Maryland to help you get started right away. In this article, we’ll cover:

  • How to find the ideal event sportsbook
  • The wide range of events you can bet on
  • Event betting tips that will turn you into a pro

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Betting on events in MD

The world of event betting offers near-endless opportunities for gambling. With this guide, you can quickly find your sportsbooks and niche and start event betting in Maryland like a pro. Sports betting and other forms of gambling are on the rise in Maryland. So now is the perfect time to get into event betting in Maryland.

Best event betting in MD

  • BetMGM Maryland : Impressive welcome bonus and offers, quick payouts, and lots of betting options, including constructing your own prop bet for events
  • PointsBet MD: Numerous prop bets and other bet types available on a reliable and secure website and app for events
  • DraftKings Maryland: Competitive odds for a variety of bets on an easy-to-use app and website.
  • FanDuel: Modern, navigable UI, lightning-fast deposit and withdrawal, lots of event bets to choose from, and a great sign-up bonus.
  • Barstool Sportsbook: Makes betting a fun social activity where users can create wagers that others on the site or app can join.

Selecting your event sportsbook Maryland


You want a small collection of thoroughly vetted, secure, and reliable event sportsbooks that offer good betting odds and bonuses. Using more than one will allow you to compare odds, but don’t spread yourself too thin using too many.

To save you some time narrowing it down, we’ve put together a list of the five best sportsbooks in Maryland.

Events you can bet on in MD

With so many possible events to bet on, everyone can find something of interest. In this section, we’ll discuss the various events that attract bettors.

Betting on sporting events

When most people think about betting on events, they think about sports betting. With the whole world of sports to choose from, you can bet on sports events year-round.

Different sports offer different kinds of wagers. Generally, though, bets involve things like which team or individual will win a match, point spreads, or who scores first.

In addition to your chosen sport’s regular matches, there are also several major sports events to wager on. These events often involve unique gambling dynamics on top of the usual bets gamblers place.

  • Olympic Games: More than 200 nations compete in dozens of sports in the Olympics. Bets on who will win the gold or which country will win the most medals are popular.
  • Super Bowl: The massively popular annual NFL championship game inspires all sorts of weird bets. People even make wagers on which color of Gatorade will soak the winning team’s coach.
  • March Madness: For the NCAA’s annual tournament, many bettors participate in pools where they fill out brackets predicting each game’s outcome. Whoever has the best predictions in the betting pool wins.
  • FIFA World Cup: Different countries host the world’s largest soccer event every four years.

Betting on e-Sports events MD

E-Sports tournaments involve professional video game players competing in multiplayer video games. These games cover multiple genres, including multiplayer online battle arena, fighting, first-person shooter, and real-time strategy.

Some of the biggest games for e-sports are Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends. These games and others take the spotlight at the major e-sport tournaments:

  • World Championship Series
  • Evolution Championship Series
  • Intel Extreme Masters
  • The International
  • League of Legends World Championship

Betting on e-sports is similar in many ways to betting on sporting events. For example, you can bet on things like the winning team, the number of points scored, or the number of kills made. You can even make a handicap wager requiring a team to win by a certain number of points to win.

Betting on TV shows

Do you like watching TV? Whether you’re a fan of reality TV or prefer fiction, TV shows offer many gambling opportunities. Staking a wager on your favorite TV show can enhance your watching experience as you wonder what will happen next.

Betting on reality-tV

Many reality shows are competitions and thus allow for betting on the winner and the show’s elimination process. Wagers might involve all sorts of things depending on the show:

  • The winner of the main event
  • The winner or loser of a challenge
  • How many points a participant will receive
  • The highest and lowest scoring competitors
  • The contestant going home this episode

Popular reality shows to bet on include American Idol, Big Brother, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice,  X-Factor and American song contest.

Betting on non-reality TV

While most television-based gambling involves reality TV, creative bettors have found ways to make wagers on fictional shows, too. These bets reflect the shows’ style.

For example, fans of The Walking Dead might bet on which character will die next. Meanwhile, Doctor Who fans might predict the actor playing the next Doctor or companion.

Betting on awards

You’ll find awards for just about any industry, but betting on film and music awards is most popular. Usually, you’ll need to wait until close to the award ceremony’s date to place your bets on who will win.

Film awards

For movies, the biggest award shows are:

  • The Oscars
  • The Golden Globes
  • The BAFTAs
  • The Razzies

While most offer awards like the best actor, best actress, or best picture, the Razzies focus on film’s worsts.

Music awards

Musically inclined bettors may bet on shows like:

  • The Grammys
  • The MTV Video Music Awards
  • The Brit Awards
  • The Mercury Prize

Their wagers might include the album, record, or song of the year, or the best new artist.

The nobel prizes

Each year, six individuals from across the globe receive a prestigious Nobel Prize recognizing their intellectual achievement. Although the Nobel Peace Prize is the most famous award, bettors make wagers on all of them.

Beauty Awards

The beauty pageant world also has plenty to offer gamblers, although its most popular events include:

  • Miss World
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Earth

The list of award shows goes on and on. If there is an industry around it, there is likely an award.

Betting on political events

The realm of politics provides plenty of interest for bettors curious about betting on real-world events. In addition to U.S. politics, you can bet on political events in other countries too.

Political wagers often involve whatever the big questions are in politics at the time. Thus, betting on political events can answer many questions, such as:

  • Will a politician serve a full term?
  • When will an official leave office?
  • Will a bill or referendum pass?

Betting on life events

Birth and death occur in everyone’s life. Although this is certain, bettors can make wagers on all the uncertainties tied to birth and death.

Baby betting pools involve predicting the characteristics of an unborn child. Sometimes, this is the baby of a celebrity or a friend, but it may even be your own! Common facets of birth to speculate on include the due date, gender, size, or weight.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can also make wagers on when celebrities will die and how. For obvious reasons, these bets can go on for quite some time.

Tips for betting on future events

Do you think you’re ready to start betting on real-world events yet? With these five betting tips, you’ll be able to make a wager with confidence at Maryland online betting sites.

  1. Make a budget. You never want to spend money you can’t afford to lose. A budget will ensure you won’t, and you can use it to decide how much to bet on different things.
  2. Keep your head. Emotions may tell you one thing, but make sure your bets are fact-based for best success.
  3. Bet on what you know. Start with something familiar. You’ll have more fun learning about the factors influencing your wagers if you like the subject matter.
  4. Vary your bets. Different kinds of bets have distinct benefits and drawbacks. Making a variety allows you to manage your risk versus reward as needed.
  5. Know the context. Consider all the factors that will affect your bet’s outcome. For sports, this includes things like the weather or player injuries and suspensions. Meanwhile, studying gossip rags may improve your standing in a celebrity death pool.

FAQ’s about event betting

Is it legal to bet on sports in Maryland?

Yes, it is. Governor Larry Hogan signed Maryland’s sports betting bill on May 18th, 2021, immediately legalizing sports betting.

Where does revenue from sports betting in Maryland go?

Sports betting may bring an additional $20 million of tax revenue into Maryland each year. All this money will help fund public education in the state.

What are the easiest wagers for event betting in Maryland?

For most events, the easiest and simplest wager you can make will involve merely predicting a winner. Regardless, it’s a good idea to learn about all the different kinds of bets you can make to maximize your earnings.

What do I need to sign up for a sportsbook in MD?

Most sportsbooks require proof of identity and proof of address. Your proof of identity should be a government-issued ID like a driver’s license or passport. For proof of address, you can use a utility bill of any kind.

How can I be sure my credit card information is safe when betting online?

Check the address bar for a padlock icon. This icon indicates the page uses TSL or SSL protocols to ensure security. Good sportsbooks use 3D Secure, which helps verify the legitimacy of your transactions. You should be able to find more information about a sportsbook’s security protocols in its FAQ.

Can I get promos when I’m betting on sports events?

Yes, Maryland sports betting promos are usually created for bigger sports events in order to entice new players.