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Pointsbet MD promo code in July 2024

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PointsBet is now available in Maryland, and people are loving it! We figured we would spend a little bit of time going through PointsBet and seeing what they bring to the table. As you read through this Pointsbet MD promo code in July 2024 review, you will start to get an idea as to whether this site is for you, or whether you should be looking elsewhere for your sports betting.

Bonuses on Pointsbet Maryland


While we would never advocate for choosing a sports betting site based on bonuses alone, we know that it is often the first thing that people will look for when selecting a betting site. Luckily, because you will discover in this PointsBet MD sportsbook review that the site is pretty good as it is, we are fine with starting a discussion on the bonuses.

It is worth noting that the bonuses and promotions for PointsBet do seem to change a lot more frequently than other sports betting sites in MD. Not a month goes by where they are not looking to introduce a new bonus. So, in this PointsBet Maryland review, we are going to be able to give a brief overview, rather than a definitive guide to all of the promotions available.

Free Bets at Pointsbet MD

When we were writing this PointsBet MD review, we noticed that PointsBet likes to experiment with the way it offers free bets. A lot of the time, it is going to your standard deposit-based free bets i.e. they match your bet when you deposit money into your account for the first time.

However, you may also find that they offer cashback when you win certain bets.

Booster Odds

On certain events, you may encounter something known as ‘booster odds’. This means that the odds may be slightly higher than they normally would be.

These bonuses do tend to be focused on newer players to the site. However, some of the more regular gamblers at PointsBet may be treated to some boosted odds on occasion.

You may also find that booster odds tend to be used far more frequently on the favorite for an event. Just as a bit of extra encouragement to get people excited to bet.

Pointsbet Maryland Promo codes

It isn’t just the new players that get treated to a bonus when they bet on PointsBet. One thing that we really want to point out in this PointsBet Maryland review is that the company goes to huge lengths to cater to established players too.

When you make certain bets on the site, you will be able to earn reward points. These reward points can, eventually, be traded for different Pointsbet promo codes. It does take a decent amount of time to qualify for your first free bet.

For example, you would have to spend $250 on parlay bets to qualify for $2.50 in free bets. However, since most other sites don’t offer anything like this, it is nice.

Good Karma Bonuses

This is actually our favorite bonus offered by PointsBet. For customers that place more than 10 bets per month, PointsBet will allow you to receive a refund of one of your losing bets. The limit is $100 in refunds.

This actually makes gambling at PointsBet a little bit ‘safer’ if you are a regular gambler. It means that you could potentially earn back some of the money that you have gambled.

Pointsbet Sportsbook App Maryland


In this PointsBet MD review, we have tried to go through the points that people are often most concerned about when looking for a betting site. So, this review should cover everything that you need to know about this brilliant sportsbook.

Since we know that the majority of people will be doing a spot of gambling ‘on the go’, it was important to us that, when writing this Pointsbet Maryland review, we spent a bit of time checking out the app and mobile site. The PointsBet mobile app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Despite PointsBet offering a plethora of betting markets that you can jump into, the app is surprisingly simple to navigate. All of the main sports will be front and center. However, it won’t take long to dive into the smaller markets if that is what you really want.

Pointsbet MD Mobile App

You can even access the live betting part of PointsBet through their mobile betting app in MD. How is that for true ‘gambling on the go’?

Of course, if you do not want to use the mobile app, that is fine. The mobile website also functions perfectly well. In fact, in many places, it looks pretty similar to that of the mobile app. The mobile app is more for convenience than anything else.

Banking Methods Pointsbet MD


PointsBet Maryland is rather similar with methods available for deposits and withdrawals. However, as we wrote this Pointsbet MD review, we realized that you don’t really need dozens of options. Most people are only going to be using a couple. These are:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • ACH eCheck

It is a $5 minimum deposit for each of these methods, and $50,000 maximum. You can withdraw to all of these methods too.

What is interesting about this site, however, is a 4th deposit and withdrawal option called the PointsBet card. This is essentially a prepaid debit card. You can use it wherever you want once it has been funded.

The brilliant thing about the PointsBet card is that your winnings can be instantly withdrawn to it. This means that if you win a bet one day, you can go and spend your winnings the same day.

Pointsbet MD betting odds


Pointsbet offers some tremendous odds for most of their events. Due to the way in which betting works, it is impossible for them to always offer the best odds. However, during our research for this Pointsbet Maryland review, we discovered that Pointsbet had some of the most competitive odds the vast majority of the time.

The real excitement comes from when Pointsbet offers boosted odds. As we mentioned before, this is a promotion that they offer from time to time. When they boost their odds, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else online.

Betting Markets/Sports Offerings Pointsbet MD

PointsBet MD aims to offer the most extensive range of bets in the United States. You know what? They come pretty close to that too.

Pretty much every professional sport that you can imagine will have an open market on PointsBet. This includes both lower and upper league events from around the world.

What we really love about the company, and what spurred us on to produce this PointsBet MD review, is the wealth of markets they have open for each individual game. In some cases, there could be 70+ markets open up for one game. So, if you are a fan of those props bets, then PointsBet is going to be tremendous for you.

Types of Bets Available on Pointsbet Maryland


PointsBet doesn’t really offer anything unique in terms of bets available. You would think that this would have been a disappointment for us when we were writing this Pointsbet MD review. However, it really isn’t. You see, most people are only going to stick to the usual bets anyway. This means moneylines, parlays, prop bets, etc.

We think the main thrill of PointsBet isn’t so much the style of bet that you can have. It is more the range of markets that you are going to be able to gamble on.

Customer Support

PointsBet offers customer support in a variety of different ways. The easiest ways to get in touch with them will be via live chat or telephone, which they operate 24/7. However, you will also find that you can reach them via email or mail if you wish.

While we had no need to get in touch with the customer support team while producing this PointsBet Maryland review, we have found that many other people that have reached out to them have had nothing but a brilliant experience.

It is evident that the customer support team for PointsBet is well-trained. This means that you are in good hands when you chat to them.

Pointsbet Maryland Summary

As you can see from this PointsBet Maryland review, this is a website that is tremendously fun to gamble at. They go to great lengths to offer bonuses to both new and established players. This means everybody is going to get some benefit from playing there.

The fact that this site offers tremendous odds, coupled with a plethora of sports to bet on, this site is easily one of the best currently available in Maryland. The convenient mobile app and website mean that you will be able to gamble no matter where you are.

Our conclusion in this PointsBet Maryland review? Well, this is a site that you absolutely need to gamble at or at least check out.

FAQ Pointsbet Maryland

Is PointsBet MD Available in Maryland?

Yes. It is a newer site in Maryland, but it is 100% open to anybody that lives within the state.

How Often Does PointsBet MD Change Its Promotions?

As we pointed out in this PointsBet Maryland review, the company does change its bonuses regularly. It is likely that you will see at least one bonus offered each month.

Are There Any Limitations to PointsBet Maryland Bonuses?

It depends on the bonus that you are taking advantage of. Some will require you to bet on certain events or play through your winnings several times. You will want to check through the terms and conditions of the bonus to know exactly what you can and can’t do with the bonus cash.

Do You Need to Download the Mobile App to Gamble at PointsBet?

No. The mobile app just makes things a little bit more convenient. You will also be able to gamble through their mobile website. This site functions in much the same way as the PointsBet mobile app.

Can You Request Bets on PointsBet MD?

If you are interested in a bet that is not currently listed on the site, you can get in touch with the PointsBet social media team, preferably on Twitter, and they may be able to create a custom bet for you.

Does Pointsbet MD have a promo code offer?

Yes, they do! You will find it on our list.

Can I use a promo code more than one time?

No, you cannot. You can only use a promo code one time per person