Cotton Bowl betting Maryland

Since gambling in MD became legal in 2021, most likely, many of the people that are reading this guide may never have carried out any Cotton Bowl betting in Maryland before. Don’t worry too much, though. We want to explain the absolute basics of gambling on this college event. We hope that by sharing information such as the best Cotton Bowl sportsbooks in Maryland and Cotton Bowl betting markets, you will be able to make profitable bets.

Best sportsbooks for Cotton Bowl betting Maryland 2024

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Guide to betting on the Cotton Bowl MD

If you are interested in Cotton Bowl betting in MD, then check out this guide and find an awesome sportsbook. Many of them are more than willing to let you play there. Make sure that you understand the world of gambling before you place your first bet, though. Knowledgeable gamblers are successful gamblers.

Who is Cotton Bowl betting Maryland good for?

Do you watch college games? If you don’t, then we strongly urge you to steer clear of Cotton Bowl betting. A big mistake that many gamblers make is betting on a market because it looks appealing.

You can’t do that. If you want to bet on an event like the Cotton Bowl, then you need to have a solid understanding of the teams taking part in the event. Without that, you will lose. Cotton Bowl betting is for those who are heavily invested in the college games market.

It is for those that understand how the game works. It is for those that understand how to read betting odds. It is for those that are willing to put in the research. While putting together a few Cotton Bowl betting lines may look easy, it is anything but. Making successful bets is incredibly hard.

Best Maryland Cotton Bowl bets


We have gone through sportsbook after sportsbook in Maryland. There are dozens of them. What follows is a list of what we genuinely believe are the best Maryland Football sportsbooks currently operating within the state. All of these will offer Cotton Bowl betting in Maryland. Check them all out and see which one appeals to you the most. Don’t be afraid to sign up for multiple sportsbooks if you want the best betting odds.

Fanduel Cotton Bowl betting lines

Fanduel Maryland is a favorite for Cotton Bowl gamblers. This is due to the regular promotions they run. Just before the game, you may even see an enhanced odds promotion or two. They also provides odds for NFL betting in Maryland.

Unibet Cotton Bowl odds

Unibet Maryland is for mobile gamblers. They do have a desktop site. However, if you have an Android or Apple device, their mobile app is one of the best you will find. This operator is also offering odds for NCAAF betting in Maryland.

Barstool Cotton Bowl bets

Barstool Sportsbook Maryland is a great choice for those that want to dive into a bit of live betting. They offer plenty of sports to bet on, even when the games are in play. This can be great for those that really want to hedge their bets when, for example, betting on the CFP in Maryland.

Draftkings Cotton Bowl lines

Draftkings Maryland is a hit among those that love good odds on parlay bets. You will often find parlay boost promotions being run on this site! Something that’s perfect when you want to getting into some NFL Draft betting in Maryland action.

BetMGM Cotton Bowl bets

Finally, we have BetMGM. They offer a great welcome bonus for newcomers, particularly during major events like the Cotton Bowl.

Choosing a sportsbook for Cotton Bowl Betting in Maryland


When you are betting on the Cotton Bowl, you are going to need to have somewhere to gamble. This means choosing from one of the dozens of Maryland online betting sites available. In the previous section, we told you about our favorites. However, let’s give you a brief overview of the criteria that we used to choose the sportsbooks:

  • The first thing that you need to check is that the sportsbook is legally allowed to operate in Maryland. The chances are that they will not accept you as a customer if you are not.
  • You will, of course, also need to ensure that they offer Orange Bowl betting. There is no sense in signing up to a sportsbook unless they allow you to gamble on what you want to gamble on, is there?
  • Betting odds will be your next priority. You may need to compare multiple sportsbooks to ensure that you are taking advantage of the best odds.
  • You will also want to check the betting markets. This means that you need to be able to check that you can bet on what you want to bet on e.g. moneylines, point spreads.
  • We love to check the reputation of the site. While we review sportsbooks ourselves, we do enjoy looking at the experience of other customers with a particular sportsbook. If they have universally negative reviews, then give them a skip.
  • You may also want to check the betting bonuses that you have available. This may allow you to earn more cash from your gambling.

Of course, there may be other things that you want to be on the lookout for when searching for a sportsbook in Maryland. However, for us, this is a good starting point.

Understanding Cotton Bowl betting – Maryland


In our mission to provide you with the most information possible for making sensible Cotton Bowl bets, let’s run you through two things:

  • How to read betting odds
  • Available Cotton Bowl betting markets

How to read betting odds

Reading betting odds is easier than you may think! There are actually use two rules that you need to follow:

  • A + means you are looking at an underdog bet. Betting $100 will score you whatever number follows the +.
  • A – This means that you are looking at the favorite bet. You will need to bet this amount to earn $100.

Depending on the market, you may find that there are multiple favorites or underdogs. This is fine. You will need to look at the number to determine which is the greater favorite or underdog. The higher the number that follows a + is, the less likely that event is going to happen. The greater the number that follows the – is, the more likely that event is going to happen.

If you don’t feel like putting in the effort to calculate how much you could potentially win, you can add the bet to your betting slip. Select your stake, and the sportsbook will tell you how much you could potentially win before you place the bet. If you aren’t happy with the returns, just remove them from your betting slip.

Understanding cotton bowl betting markets in Maryland


There are no futures bets available for Cotton Bowl betting. This is because the bet is purely for one game. Since the teams are known a long time in advance, you can’t really bet on who will be picked to play in the Cotton Bowl either. This means that you are going to be limited to the bets that are available on the day.

Betting markets include:


The simplest bet and even those not interested in Cotton Bowl betting in Maryland will be able to understand. With this bet, you will be gambling on who you believe will win the Cotton Bowl!

Cotton Bowl Point Spread

This can be a bit trickier to understand. It is similar to the money line bet, but not quite. With this bet, if you bet on the favorite, you are betting on them winning the Cotton Bowl by more than a certain number of points. On the other hand, if you bet on the underdog, then you are either betting on them winning the Cotton Bowl, or you are betting on them not losing by too many points.

Cotton Bowl Over/Under Bets

These bets can come in many forms. It will normally be:

  • Betting on the total combined score of the two teams i.e., betting on whether it will be over or under a certain amount.
  • Betting on the total score for one of the teams. Just like before, you are betting on whether it will be over or under a certain amount.

Prop Bets

With prop bets, you are betting on something happening in the game, not involving how the game ends up. Prop bets can vary from site to site, but they may include:

  • The first team to score
  • Coin toss
  • Quarterback passing yards

So, yes, bets can be rather exciting!

Similar events to bet on in the state:

Establish a bankroll

The final point that we want to note is just how important it is you put together a bankroll. This is how much cash you have set aside for gambling. Think of it as your gambling budget. This is money that you are fine losing if your bet doesn’t come through. It doesn’t matter how high it is. It just matters that you have money set aside for gambling.

The best gamblers will not stake their entire bankroll on a single bet. Instead, they will spread the cash around a little bit. This will give you a greater chance of winning.

FAQ’s About Cotton Bowl betting Maryland

When can you start betting on the Cotton Bowl in Maryland?

Normally when the teams are announced. However, we wouldn’t suggest gambling right away. Instead, leave it until a week or so before the game. This way, you have a better idea of how the game may pan out.

What is a Cotton Bowl parlay bet?

A parlay bet is a bet formed of multiple betting lines. To win the bet, all of the betting lines must be successful. As a result, parlays tend to offer some of the best betting odds.

What betting bonuses are available for Cotton Bowl betting?

This will be dependent on the sportsbook. Some may offer enhanced odds. Some may offer risk-free bets. You may want to hunt around for the bonuses that are most appealing to you.

Is there a maximum amount that you can stake on the Cotton Bowl?

No. There shouldn’t be. The sportsbook may have some rules. However, generally speaking, the only limits are what you set yourself.

Can you bet live on the Cotton Bowl?

This will be dependent on the site. Most sportsbooks will offer some live betting markets, though.