Peach Bowl betting Maryland

Betting on the Peach Bowl in Maryland makes the college event even more exciting. The Peach Bowl is one of the games played in the playoffs. MD sportsbooks offer great bonuses and odds for this event.

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Maryland Peach Bowl betting guide

It’s not just the players and coaches of the two teams invited to the Peach Bowl that are filled with excitement when late December and early January rolled around. One of the most prestigious bowl games in all of college games.

The Peach Bowl has a bit of history and a reputation as being “must-see TV” – whether you’re a big fan of the college game or not. As a result, high-scoring games, defensive chess matches, and games packed with late-moment heroics are pretty common in Atlanta, Georgia.

The home of the Peach Bowl since 1968. Below we run through a few specific tips and tricks to help folks in Maryland with better Peach Bowl betting strategies. But, then, let’s get right into the mix!

Best Maryland Peach Bowl betting sites


Shopping for Peach Bowl odds in MD is one of the smartest things you can do. It’s something that many people overlook or discount the importance of out of hand. Do not make that same mistake.

Not every Peach Bowl betting platform in Maryland will have the same betting odds or the same Peach Bowl betting line, even. Some won’t even have the same Peach Bowl prop bets to pick and choose from, either.

By having an account on a couple of different platforms (even just two or three). Players can increase their chances of finding favorable Peach Bowl betting odds. Especially if certain lines are odds haven’t updated as quickly on one book as they have on another.

Take advantage of these opportunities as often as you can. Here are some of our favorite Maryland sportsbooks to consider signing up for to help you sort of hit the ground running.

BetMGM Peach Bowl odds

A great sportsbook from the MGM company that owns resorts and casinos all over the world. The BetMGM Maryland odds are competitive, their interface clean and uncluttered, and their sports market options are next to none in comparison. Like many other operators, this provider also offers NFL betting in Maryland.

Unibet Peach Bowl lines

Unibet Maryland offers generous new player bonuses and promotion offers all the time. However, the thing that draws most people to them for Maryland NCAA football betting action is the number of bets they offer.

So if you’re looking for almost unlimited Peach Bowl prop bets action, this is where you’ll want to be. Be sure not to forget this when you’re doing some of that NFL Draft betting in Maryland aswell.

DraftKings Peach Bowl

Engineered from the ground up as a mobile-first sportsbook. DraftKings Maryland and its platform moves from being primarily a Daily Fantasy Sports gambling operation to one of the best overall sportsbooks in the country pretty quickly. Today it’s considered one of the top Peach Bowl betting options in Maryland for sure.

FanDuel Peach Bowl betting

FanDuel Maryland is another platform that started as a Daily Fantasy Sports gambling service has grown into a full, feature-rich sportsbook. The low bet minimums available for Peach Bowl betting help a lot of fans every year. This provider also offers the people in the state to bet on the CFP in Maryland.

Barstool Sportsbook Peach Bowl

Barstool Sportsbook Maryland of the “new kid on the block” of the Peach Bowl betting Maryland. Everything about this sportsbook showcases the Barstool atmosphere and personality – and it’s also where Portnoy himself puts down his wagers. The community here is top-notch and second to none.

MD Peach Bowl betting odds


Low totals odds on Peach Bowl MD

A big piece of the puzzle when it comes to successful Peach Bowl betting is breaking down what the oddsmakers themselves are thinking when they set the betting line at Maryland football betting games. This is why it’s important to be on the hunt for road “dogs” – underdogs – with a low totals number.

When you see this line pop up for the Peach Bowl. You know that the oddsmakers are recognizing just how much the public likes to bet heavily on the favorite. This, in turn, increases the amount of value for the underdog. Especially if there are fewer points that make it harder for the favorite to cover the spread.

Something to consider, anyway.

Short Spread underdogs at Peach Bowl

The most profitable underdogs you’re going to find on any Peach Bowl betting Maryland platform are the “short spread” underdogs, dogs that are getting four or fewer points. The public absolutely loves big favorites. But they love big favorites that have to win by a single touchdown or less, even more.

Interestingly enough, however, the stats say that short dogs getting four or fewer points have a 54.2% chance of paying out. So that definitely tilts the odds in your favor a little bit (and a little bit makes all the difference).

If you’re thinking about doing some Peach Bowl betting and a short road dog pops up, it’s a good idea to leap at that kind of betting line ASAP.

Pro tips for Marylanders betting on the Peach Bowl


When betting on the Peach Bowl a number of factors play in. These tips can help you save your bet slips when taken into account.

Home field advantage – Peach Bowl betting MD

One of the most important things to understand about the Peach Bowl is that it is (technically) played at a neutral site. Which eliminates home-field advantage.

A team is still going to be designated as the “home team” no matter what. Unless that team happens to be the Georgia Bulldogs. The odds are pretty good that home-field advantage won’t amount to anything at all when the game is played.

At the same time, if a team with a fan base that travels well is in the Peach Bowl against a team with a fan base that might not travel much at all (Alabama versus Cincinnati, for example), the team with the fan base that fills the dome might have a slight advantage.

Bet against the public when Peach Bowl betting in MD

Betting against the public favorite in Maryland (particularly when there’s a lot of heavy money coming in on one side of the Peach Bowl betting line) is a good strategy simply because the public more often than not ends up losing their wager.

Maryland bettors absolutely love favorites (like we mentioned a moment ago), so when you have the opportunity to jump on top of underdogs – especially in the face of heavy action going on the favorite – the value you get from this bet shoots through the roof.

Peach Bowl betting odds reverse

The easiest way to read everything that Peach Bowl odds makers are doing (and especially what the “sharp money” is doing) is to be on the lookout for reverse line movement when the betting action is fast and furious.

The second that you notice Peach Bowl betting odds reverse (flipping an underdog to a favorite, for example). It’s important to understand that the smart money is coming in like crazy on that side. Resulting in the books responding in return.

Not every Peach Bowl is going to have betting lines that reverse. But if the game you’re thinking about betting on has this happened, you need to move quickly before the opportunity disappears.

Peach Bowl Temperature

Late December and early January are generally pretty mild times of the year, even in Atlanta, Georgia. But every now and again. Marylanders are going to be betting on a Peach Bowl game that is incredibly hot and incredibly humid with all kinds of implications for bettors that you might not be aware of.

If the temperature of a Peach Bowl game is 85°F or higher, the “Over” total comes out on top more than 54% of the time. If the temperature of game bumps up to 90°F or higher the “Over” has a better chance of coming out on top. With odds improving to almost 59%.

The working theory amongst people who love to do Peach Bowl betting is that the defense wears out faster when the temperature skyrockets. That means there will be a lot more points scored. If the mercury is going to be sky-high during the Peach Bowl, be sure to bet the over!

Weather affecting the lines at Peach Bowl betting MD


Conversely, if the wind is blowing like crazy (especially if there’s other weather to factor in), it’s not a bad idea to lean more toward the “Under.”

Since 2005, these games that have been played with the wind blowing at 10 miles an hour or more have delivered the “Under” the wind at a nearly 55% clip that’s huge! If the wind kicks up to 15 mph or higher, the “Under” winning percentage shoots up to almost 58%.

While the dome location of the Peach Bowl brings down the weather impact on the game by quite a bit. Often, the roof will be left open – allowing the wind to blow in and swirl – if the weather is otherwise halfway decent.

That can have a big impact on where you want your Peach Bowl betting line action to be. Other events to bet on in the state:

FAQ’s About Peach Bowl betting Maryland

Is the Peach Bowl the National Title Game?

The Peach Bowl is no longer in the rotation for the national title game for college games. However, it is now in the rotation for the semifinal series that helps decide who goes on to the national title game in the college games.

When is the Peach Bowl held each year?

The Peach Bowl is traditionally held on December 28, though it has been held earlier and even on January 1 (depending on how the calendar shakes out).

Can I legally bet on the Peach Bowl in Maryland?

Betting on sports in Maryland is 100% legal these days, thanks to new laws that Gov. Larry Hogan signed into action.

Are there bets newbies should stay away from in Maryland?

Parlay bets, teaser bets, and some of the more “out there” Peach Bowl prop bets should probably be avoided by newbies (and most veteran bettors alike, really). There’s just not a lot of meat on these bones.

Is it hard to get my winnings from an online sportsbook?

All of the top Peach Bowl betting Maryland platforms make it really easy to get your winnings out of your online sportsbook account and into your actual bank account just as quickly as humanly possible.