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Horse-Race Betting Maryland

If you have yet to participate in horse-race betting in Maryland, you are missing out. So take the time to read through and learn the best places to bet online, the different bets you can place, and top tips that will lead you to victory. All this information is just waiting for you to soak up, so do not wait for a second longer.

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Horse Racing betting sites MD

Horse racing is a timeless sport that is a thrill to watch and an even greater one to bet on. Take the time to learn as much as you can about the horses and their jockeys and trainers so you can have a well-rounded view of their condition. Start small with your bets, but do not shy away from the more difficult betting types. Their time will come.

Best Horse-Race Betting in Maryland


It can be hard to find Maryland online sportsbooks for horse-race betting, but these picks are versatile options known for their safety, accessibility, clean interfaces, and stellar odds.

BetMGM Horse Racing

BetMGM Maryland has recently partnered with NYRA bets to give their customers the ability to watch and bet on Thoroughbred, harness, and Quarter Horse races that take place on over 200 tracks worldwide. Pair this with their existing sports market offering and superb website and app interfaces, and BetMGM is sure to provide you with a luxury betting experience.

Welcome Bonus: Risk-free bet of $500

PointsBet Horse-Racing Bets

PointsBet Maryland currently has options for betting on horse races and harness races. In addition, they boast one of the largest bonuses on sign-up, making PointsBet a great option for maximizing your bankroll.

Welcome Bonus: $500 risk-free bet for fixed-odds; $1,500 risk-free bet for Points Betting

DraftKings Online Horse betting

DraftKings Maryland runs free horse racing pools that require you to answer questions, and those with the most correct answers win. Unfortunately, they do not have more advanced horse-race betting at this time.

Welcome Bonus: $500 risk-free bet

FanDuel Race Betting

FanDuel Maryland has a simple interface that makes it easy to place bets and wager online. They offer wagering at all major horse races, including Belmont Stakes, Breeder’s Cup, Kentucky Derby and Pegasus World Cup.

Welcome Bonus: $1,000 risk-free bet

Different Types of Horse-Race Bets


Win Bets – Horse Race betting MD

A win bet is a straight bet that you place on the horse you believe will take first place. If the horse you picked wins, you will split the money bet on the race (sans the juice that goes to the track) with all other bettors who chose the same horse.

Place Bets – Horse Racing odds MD

These function like a winning bet, but instead of your horse needing to place first, they will only need to come in first or second. This is a lower risk, but the payout is less.

Show Bets at Maryland Horse Racing sites

A show bet is the broadest way of making a straight bet when horse-race betting in Maryland. Here you only need to choose a horse that will place either first, second, or third. Because your chances of winning the bet are so great here, you should consider starting with show bets.

Across the Board bets Horse Race bet

These bets are like placing all three aforementioned bets at once. Of course, an across-the-board bet costs a bit more to place, but you stand to win more money.

If the horse you pick places first, you will get the payout for win, place, and show bets. If they place second, you get the payout for place and show. You do lose a bit if the horse places third because the bet costs more to place than a show bet, but you only get that amount as the prize.

Exotic Bets: Consecutive Races

These are parlay bets, and to win them, you will have to name the horse that will come in first place in a number of consecutive races. To win the bet, you have to predict this accurately for each race, regardless of how many races are involved.

This can be as little as two or even go up to six or more, but the rules are the same. The more races that are involved, the more you stand to win, but your chances plummet with each additional race.

Exotic Bets: Race Order

Bets based on the finishing order in one race tie up your bankroll for a shorter period of time. Usually, you will have to accurately predict the order in which horses will finish (first, second, and third in a trifecta; first, second, third, and fourth in a superfecta, etc.), but you can take a step back and cut the challenge down a bit by betting on a quinella.

Quinellas only requires you to choose two horses you believe will win first and second place. While they must finish in those two positions, the finish order does not need to be specified.

Get started Horse-Race betting in Maryland


Understand key features of the horse

Horses are the true athlete behind any victory, but they are not as easy to understand as athletes in other sports. Taking the time to understand their nature, including limitations, will go a long way in preparing you to think about their races objectively.

Know key things about them, including:

  • Average speed
  • Pacing
  • Preferred starting position (and starting position in the race)
  • Lineage
  • Condition
  • Training routine
  • Finishing position in recent races

If a horse is known to place in the top three positions, they are a safer bet.

Watch the horse before the race

Taking the time to check a horse out before the race will give you a better idea of how it will perform. Look for behavior that is out of the ordinary that might impact their ability to focus on the race or perform well.

You might get a chance to do this in person, but it is more likely that you will need to wait for the post parade or check out the paddock cameras (if there are any).

Look for changes in equipment

There is plenty of equipment that racehorses need to be familiar with to race, such as:

  • Blinkers
  • Mud calks
  • Weight

Blinkers are used to limit their vision, so they do not shy away from objects or other horses. While most tracks require them, some do not. Look for horses that are using them for the first time (or the first time in a while).

Mud calks are used for off tracks, and they are basically cleats for horseshoes that prevent slipping. Again, a horse will perform directly racing with these for the first time. Contrariwise, horse racing without them for the first time may be thrown off.

Consider jockeys and trainers

Both of these people are in a key position for influencing the performance of the horse. In fact, the top ten riders in jockey standings rank in the top 90% of all races. Something within the race that jockeys tend to be influenced by is their starting position, so check their past races for any patterns there.

Trainers are also known to influence victors. There tend to be connections between certain trainers and the age of the horse or even trainers and foreign horses.

Pay attention to the racetrack

The track itself has several variables that can affect the outcome of the race, including:

  • Surface (dirt or turf)
  • Weather condition
  • Length
  • Shape

A horse’s familiarity with these conditions can make or break its victory.

Consider purchasing a tip sheet

Tips sheets are a great way to have all the information you need organized and in one place. They can also save you the time of figuring everything out on your own, though they do not replace your need to stay up to date on horse racing.

FAQ’s About Horse Race Betting Maryland

Is Horse-Race betting legal in Maryland?

Horse race betting was legalized in Maryland in May 2021 when Maryland’s governor signed bill HB 940 into law. This legalized sports betting in the state as a whole.

Do I have to pay taxes if I win my bets in Maryland?

The winnings you receive from your bets are considered taxable income. However, with pari-mutuel wagering, specifically, income tax will automatically be withheld if you win more than $5,000 and the proceeds are at least 300 times the original bet. Otherwise, you will file a form 502D and pay any tax within 60 days of collecting your winnings.

What bet is the best bet to place when starting Horse-Race betting in MD?

The answer to this is always the bet you feel most comfortable making, but a more general answer is to stick to show bets. These have a lower buy-in cost than across-the-board bets, and they are the easiest to win. While the payout is not much, it is better than losing the bet.

Is Horse Race betting losing popularity in Maryland?

Overall, horse racing has been losing popularity over the years to other sports, and gambling has gone with it. This can be a good thing because you have fewer people to split your pool with. The good news is that online wagering has brought a lot of revenue back to the racetracks, and even small tracks can now earn from online betting.

How do I choose the right sportsbook in MD?

When looking for a sportsbook, make sure you check out their reviews first. Ensure that they match up with your financial needs, and make sure they offer to bet for horse racing and the specific type of bets you want to place. Picking two or three sportsbooks gives you a better variety. of betting options.