NFL Draft betting Maryland

Marylanders, don’t start betting on the NFL Draft in Maryland until you read this! We’ll take you through the best sportsbooks for NFL draft odds, bonuses and much more. So stick around!

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Guide to betting on the NFL Draft in Maryland

Every year in late April, the NFL Draft rolls around and kicks off the unofficial start of football season.

This event used to be something that only the most passionate and dedicated NFL fans paid attention to. But over the years, it’s grown into a major cultural touchstone, a big part of the NFL. And something that millions and millions of people tune into (at least for the first round, anyway).

Unsurprisingly, that means that many folks are looking for ways to get in on all the NFL Draft betting Maryland action available! To help bettors tilt the scales in their favor a little bit, we’ve put together this quick guide. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Sportsbooks that let you bet the NFL Draft in Maryland


You must find the right sportsbook to connect with when you’re looking to do some NFL Draft betting in the first place.

The right sportsbook is going to give you all kinds of NFL Draft betting lines, the best NFL Draft odds. And also guarantee a really fun experience regardless of whether or not you win or lose. Here are some important things to look for in NFL Draft betting Maryland eligible sportsbooks today.

Find a book that offers NFL Draft betting in MD

The first thing you need to verify is that the bookie you are thinking about signing up with actually offers NFL Draft betting, to begin with. Not every Maryland online sportsbooks makes this kind of action available. Some that do offer NFL Draft betting lines are only going to offer round one lines.

Double-check before you jump right in.

Timely lines are important

You must find a sportsbook that offers the most timely NFL Draft betting lines and event betting in Maryland, too.

All kinds of news can change NFL Draft betting lines in the blink of an eye. So you want to be sure that your sportsbook has lines that update quickly, giving you a chance to jump in on the action when you see an opportunity.

User friendliness is key

Nobody wants to fight or fumble with their sportsbook when they are trying to get different bets in. Find a sportsbook that offers NFL Draft betting Maryland action that is easy to use, fast, and as bug-free as possible.

Mobile should be rock solid

The mobile experience from the platform where you place your NFL Draft best bets should be perfectly dialed in. Most platforms cover all their bases in this department these days (a big bonus), but you still want to double verify before signing up.

Quick payouts!

There isn’t a person betting on sports on the planet that wants to wait any longer than necessary to get their winnings into their bank account. So look for NFL Draft betting Maryland sportsbooks that offer lightning-fast payouts using banking options of your choice.

Our five favorite sportsbooks in Maryland for the NFL Draft

BetMGM Maryland NFL Draft odds – Premium experience, all kinds of sports to bet on, great NFL Draft betting odds.

PointsBet Maryland NFL Draft lines – Incredible NFL Draft betting lines variety, including prop bets, future bets, and more.

DraftKings MD NFL Draft betting – Tailor-made for NFL Draft betting action, has maybe the industry’s most perfect mobile sports betting experience.

FanDuel Maryland NFL Draft – Unparalleled live betting action, great NFL Draft odds, fast payouts for winners.

Barstool Sportsbook MD NFL Draft – Legendary community, great celebrity picks, and advice from actual Barstool members (including Portnoy). And a very generous welcome bonus of up to $1000 matched deposits.

NFL Draft betting options in Maryland


Now that we’ve covered the basics of finding the right sportsbook for all your NFL Draft betting Maryland-based wagers. It’s time to get into the kinds of bets you’ll have to pick and choose from.

First player picked

The first pick of the draft is always a popular wager. Maybe the most popular of the bunch, and can be made in a couple of different ways.

Moneyline picks (one favorite, at least two or three other underdogs), prop bets, and even future bets can be put down on who you think will be the very first college football player off the board in the NFL Draft.

First position players picked

Those who don’t want to narrow down their pick to the first specific player selected can instead go with the first position they think will come off the board in the first round.

It’s a lot safer to bet that a franchise quarterback will get picked rather than trying to figure out which of the elite quarterbacks in a particular draft class will get selected first overall.

Specific team picks

These kinds of bets are always popular when it comes to NFL parlay betting action during the draft. Trying to figure out the first three picks (or every pick throughout the seven rounds) that an NFL team is going to make during the draft is pretty tough – but the payoffs can be incredible!

Positions each team picks

This is similar to the kind of NFL Draft betting option we highlighted a moment ago. Allowing players to bet not on which player will get picked by a specific team but by which position teams are going to target instead.

Instead of trying to figure out whether or not Trevor Lawrence or Zach Wilson is going to go first overall, those interested in getting in on some NFL Draft betting action could say that the Jacksonville Jack wires are going to be hunting for a new quarterback.

Prop action is usually available, too!

All kinds of NFL Draft props are available, especially during live betting action supported by some of the best NFL Draft betting Maryland books.

Props can include things like:

  • Who is going to be the first running back drafted?
  • Who is going to be easy third defensive back drafted?
  • Which two teams are going to make the first draft-day trade?
  • Which team is going to be the first that trades back into the draft? That trades up?
  • How many players from the SEC are going to be drafted in the first round?
  • How many quarterbacks are going to be drafted in the Top 10?

… And other NFL Draft prop bets like that!

Part of the reason that betting on the NFL Draft is so fun is that there are almost unlimited opportunities for props like those highlighted above.

This means that the action is always fast-paced, always (at least a little) unpredictable, and there’s an opportunity for some pretty wild NFL Draft odds to payout!

Bettors looking for a way to shake up their digital betting slip are going to want to think about putting some money on props and maybe even combining a couple of different props into parlays.

Parlay action during the NFL Draft is always a little bit risky, but so are prop bets (as a general rule).

Combining the two together doesn’t really push your risk any higher than it was going to be already – but you can really shoot your potential payoffs through the roof at the same time. It’s something to consider, anyway.

FAQ’s About NFL Draft betting Maryland

Can I bet on the NFL Draft every year?

You sure can! The only NFL Drafts that you aren’t going to be able to bet on are the ones that have already happened. You’ll be able to bet on this year’s upcoming draft and every draft going forward (especially if you want to put down future picks well in advance).

Are futures bets available for the NFL Draft?

Futures bets are some of the most popular NFL Draft betting action Maryland sportsbooks take each year. Everybody wants to put money down on who they think is going to be the First Pick Overall for the upcoming draft (and maybe a couple of upcoming drafts in the years to come).

Can I bet every round and every pick of the draft?

Some sportsbooks handle draft day a little differently than others, but most that offer NFL Draft betting action are going to let you bet every single pick of every single round – from the first pick overall to “Mr. Irrelevant” at the end of the seventh round.

Can I live bet the draft?

A lot of NFL Draft betting Maryland sportsbooks are going to let you live bet the draft, too. You’ll be able to put wagers down on who you think the next pick is going to be, what position you think that pick is going to be, whether or not a team is going to trade that pick to somebody else, and a whole bunch of other choices while live betting, too.

Are there any parlay opportunities for the NFL Draft?

Parlays during the draft are a little bit risky, if only because so much of the draft is unpredictable. But there’s plenty of parlay action to be had if you’re hunting for bigger payouts!