Sports to Bet on in Maryland

On this page we look at the many different sports you can bet on in Maryland, such as football, basketball, and baseball, and the different professional teams belonging to the state.

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Guide to sports markets in Maryland

There are plenty of sports markets in Maryland, including popular football games and less popular ones like darts. Major Maryland sports betting operators do their best to keep the best opportunities available to you.

Read about the different ways professional sports are handled and check in on the major Maryland teams you can follow (if you aren’t already).

Sports markets in Maryland


There are plenty of sports to bet on at Maryland sportsbooks, but the most popular are listed below.


When it comes to football betting in Maryland, your best bet is to follow the National Football League (NFL). There are 32 NFL teams that you can bet on in MD divided into the National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC). The 16 teams in these conferences are divided into four divisions (North, East, South, and West) with four teams in each division.


Betting on Baseball in Maryland (MLB) is popular in 6 months from Spring to Autumn, and you have 30 different teams to choose from divided 15 and 15 in the American League and the National League. There are 3 divisions in each league (East, Central, and West) and 3 teams in each division.


Betting on Basketball in MD (NBA) involve an Eastern and Western Conference with 30 teams divided among the two. Teams play a regular-season from October to April with a total of 1,230 games you can bet on.


The National Hockey League (NHL) has 32 teams in the United States and Canada split into four divisions: Atlantic, Metropolitan, Central, and Pacific. A regular Hockey season runs roughly from January to May and has 1,312 games. Learn all there’s to in on our full guide on Maryland Hockey betting here.


The most popular opportunity for golf betting in Maryland is the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) Tour that was founded in 1929. Golf betting in Maryland is a great for futures and live betting because of its pace, but some of the most popular tournaments include:

  • The Masters
  • The U.S. Open Championship
  • The Open Championship
  • The U.S. PGA Championship

You might one day place a winning bet on a Grand Slam golfer, but the world has yet to see one.


Maryland Tennis betting involves betting on major tours including:

  • ATP World Tour
  • ITF Tour
  • WTA Tour
  • ITF Women’s

Professional tennis players run a different schedule than other athletes, so it is important to see who is turning up at which tours to see what the climate will be.


Motorsports betting in Maryland include a wide variety of sports, including:

You can even place bets on cross country treks with rally cars or dirt bikes. These exciting events are great for live bets because there are so many changing variables.


If you want to bet on Soccer in Maryland, you have 27 teams to follow, split into Eastern and Western Conferences. Each team plays a total of 34 games in an unbalanced schedule from late February (or early March) to October, including a home and away game against every team in their conferences and one game against most of the teams in the other conference.


Rugby betting season in MD (MLR) runs for 18 weeks from March to August in the United States and Canada. Each of the 12 teams plays a double round-robin against the teams in their conference and a total of 6 games against teams from the other conference.


E-sports betting Maryland changes depending on what is popular, but you can expect to find options for most types of games, including fighter, shooter, strategy games, and MOBA.

Popular e-sports to bet on historically include:

  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Call of Duty

There are plenty of other titles that we could list out all day, but they vary depending on taste. Make sure you take part of the sports betting bonuses at Maryland sportsbooks, before signing up.

Table tennis

Maryland Table tennis betting follows league and championships such as:

  • World Table Tennis
  • The European Championship
  • International Table Tennis Federation (and Championship)
  • Asian Table Tennis Union (and Championship)


Cycling does not have a specific season but you should expect most major tours to occur from January to October, including names like the Tour de France or Giro d’Italia. Maryland cycling betting is going to be huge!


Darts may not be the first sport you think of, but it has some surprising lines and odds. The most popular time to bet on darts is the Premier Darts League from February to May. Check out this Darts betting in Maryland site for more information!


Professional lacrosse is a newer concept in the United States, but from June to September you can bet on a 14-week tour-based schedule. While you can certainly bet on winners, there are tons of props and future opportunities here. Check this Maryland Lacrosse betting site for more information about Lacrosse sports gambling!


Billiards betting usually involves American and/or Russian pool or Snooker, with the latter being a preferred option for betting. You can find major billiards events year-round, from the World Cup in April to the European Championship in December.


Maryland volleyball betting has plenty of variables, including gender (men, women, coed) and court type (indoor or beach). Most popular events take place every four years, including the Summer Olympics, FIVB World Championship, and World Grand Champions Cup.

Horse racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports worldwide, and popular Maryland betting opportunities for Horse Racing include:

  • Triple Crown Races
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Preakness Stakes
  • Belmont Stakes)
  • Pegasus Cup
  • Saudi Cup
  • Cheltenham Gold Cup

Whether you are on steeplechase races or sprints, you can find a variety of wagers to place.


Wrestling betting might get a bad reputation for betting because of its scripted nature, but unique opportunities are waiting for you here. If you are the type of person who enjoys a good storyline and predicting the outcome then WWE betting in MD is available pretty much year-round.

Even if you do not like the nature of WWE, wrestling includes sumo tournaments, and plenty of operators follow major tournaments happening throughout the year.

Mixed Martial Arts

For MMA followers the best opportunities in Maryland involve UFC betting and its year-round schedule. Even those who are not already involved with MMA can find plenty of MD betting opportunities here to fill in gaps between other sports.


Boxing has plenty of betting opportunities in Maryland with international leagues and events, including:

  • Olympic boxing
  • World Boxing Association (WBA)
  • World Boxing Council (WBC)
  • International Boxing Federation (IBF)
  • World Boxing Organization (WBO)

You can focus on a certain weight class to start and then start to branch out as you get more comfortable.

Pro teams in Maryland


You may not have many professional sports teams to bet on in Maryland, but these two represent the state in football and baseball.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are an NFL team playing the American Football Conference North Division. They play their home games at the M;T Bank Stadium and are headquartered in Owings Mills, Marland. The Ravens have had great success since their inception in 1996.

Baltimore Orioles

Named after the Maryland state bird, the Orioles are a member club of the American League East Division of the MLB. They have played home games at Oriole Park at Camden Yards since 1992, and have won half of their six World Series appearances.


What sports are most popular to bet on?

Football is the most popular sport to bet on in the United States, and other popular sports include basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, and tennis. Most sports in the United States with professional leagues have a decent following of bettors.

Should I bet on more than one sport?

If you can handle one sport it can make for a lucrative career. Make sure you understand the basics of the sport and have enough time and energy to do adequate handicapping. If you are just starting then it is better to master one sport first.

Is it a bad idea to bet on my favorite teams?

Betting on a team simply because you root for them is a poor decision. Make sure that your wagering decisions are founded in logic, and that you have specific reasons for placing certain bets. You can bet for a different team and still root for your favorites.

Why are there so few professional Maryland teams?

There is speculation as to why Maryland does not have many professional sports teams, but the consensus is that the state is too close to other major franchises and has a lack of major companies to buy up box seats.

Will MD operators cover all major sports?

Most operators in Maryland will cover the major sports, but you are likely to see variations in odds, bet types, individual bets, and leagues offered.

Can I get a promo when I’m betting on sports?

Yes, operators are often offering Maryland sports betting promos before upcoming games.