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Darts betting in Maryland

The odds are pretty good that you’ve thrown a couple of rounds of darts in your life, but you may not have jumped headfirst into the world of darts betting in Maryland yet. That’s what this detailed guide is all about.

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Getting started with darts betting in Maryland


Getting started with darts betting in Maryland is a lot easier than most people realize, in large part because there are so many great sportsbooks to pick and choose from.

At the same time, there’s a world of difference between different sportsbook offerings, different dart tournaments, and even different dart betting markets and options available in Maryland today.

Below we cover (almost) everything you need to know before you get started with darts betting in Maryland. We go over things like:

  • The top sportsbooks in the state
  • What you need to know about breaking down darts betting odds and opportunities
  • A run through of the most popular darts betting market options

 And then we cover a bunch of darts betting tips MD sports bettors are going to want to keep in their back pocket. Ready to get started?

Best sportsbooks with Darts betting in Maryland 2024

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Best darts sportsbooks in MD


The most important decision you’ll make with darts betting MD is the sportsbook that you use as your home for betting action.

MD darts bookie

Find the right bookie and you’ll have a world-class experience right from day one. Choose the wrong bookie, though, and you’ll deal with more headaches and hassle than you could imagine.

To jumpstart your journey, we’ve put together a quick rundown of the best five darts sports betting platforms in the state of Maryland today. But, of course, you can’t go wrong with any of these options!


Not only is the bet MGM platform a trustworthy and reputable sportsbook, but it’s one of the most generous platforms in the market as well. So we are talking about great bonuses and rewards, fantastic payouts, and some of the best odds in the business.


FanDuel is very much a “customer first” sports betting platform with world-class darts betting MD action available. This is one of the two sportsbooks in Maryland built almost exclusively for mobile users and it shows!


Caesars has always been a fan favorite with serious sports bettors and gamblers, and the online sportsbook experience they offer is exceptional. Bonuses are good, rewards are fantastic, and the overall betting user interface is polished and complete.


The other of the two “mobile-first” darts betting MD platforms, this is the ultimate sportsbook for a lot of people in Maryland. It offers competitive odds, awesome bonuses on a daily basis, and one of the cleanest and easiest to navigate betting platforms of them all.

The Maryland betting bonus offers from the companies may be different from each other, so choose the right one for you.

Free bet bonuses are a favorite among gamblers so check them out!

Breaking down darts betting odds in MD


Now that we have squared all of that away let’s run through breaking down darts betting odds and opportunities so that you have a better chance of making smart darts betting picks MD bookies offer.

Understand the basics

You are going to have a nightmare of a time winning any darts betting in Maryland action if you don’t fully understand the rules of the game that you are betting on.

That’s true with darts just like it’s true with everything else, but there are still a lot of players in Maryland that skip over this basic fundamental of sports betting – and then wonder why they are losing money all the time.

If you haven’t played a lot of darts in the past it’s a good idea to read up on the rules of the different kinds of games and matches you might be wagering on. If you’ve played a ton of darts already it’s still worthwhile to review the rules, just to be sure that you are crystal clear on everything and aren’t going to be misled by your own personal experience.

Crunch the numbers

The next thing you need to do when serious about darts betting in Maryland is to learn how to “crunch the numbers” regarding the individual players, the teams, and the tournaments that you are betting on.

Every darts league and every darts circuit has its own cast of characters, a roster of players that go head-to-head against one another almost every match.

Thanks to modern analytics it’s not hard to find data about these players, how they fare against one another, and how they handle the pressure of big money tournaments or big games.

You’re going to want to get your hands on that data (at least as much of it as you can find).

It’s also a good idea to research potential injuries, different research matchups, research the consistency of these players, and anything else you can find.

You really need to know exactly what you are getting into before you put any money down – especially on a sport like darts that you might not have a world of experience with already.

Confirm you’re betting on PDC and WDF events

Suppose you want to be sure that you are betting on the most consistent matches possible. In that case, it’s a good idea to put your money down on Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) or World Darts Federation (WDF) events.

These are two of the biggest dart leagues anywhere on the planet (one of them based out of the United Kingdom, the other based out of the United States) and attract some of the best players in the dart world today.

It might sound a little bit odd to put your money down on games where the best players in the world are going head-to-head against one another. After all, wouldn’t it be better to choose tournaments where great players can beat up on lesser players? Not really.

The consistency of the highest level competition is where you’re going to find lots of value when looking to do darts betting in Maryland. At the lower levels of competition outcomes can kind of be all over the place and you might lose a whole lot more than you win because of it.

Darts betting markets in Maryland


Choosing the right darts betting odds MD bookies offer on the right betting markets is another major piece of the puzzle you want to get right for sure.

Here is a quick breakdown of some of the most popular darts betting odds MD bookies provide, the kinds of markets that you’re going to be able to get in on with all of the top sportsbooks in the state.

Correct score

Maybe the most popular of all the darts betting picks MD players can make, this type of wager is going to have you correctly guess the final score of the game. So as long as you get that right you are good to go, and it’s kind of like a modified moneyline wager.

Match winner

Match winner is another really popular darts bet, especially for beginners, and it is nearly identical to the moneyline, too. All you have to do here is choose which player you think is going to come out on top of each individual match and you are all set.

MD darts event winner

Event or tournament outright winner wagers are pretty popular, with some of the best darts betting odds MD sportsbooks make available. Of course, you’ll have to pick who you think is going to come out on top of the entire tournament with this wager (not just individual matches) but there isn’t a lot more to it than that.

Total 180s

Those brand-new to betting on darts in MD might not know that the highest possible score you can get when throwing three darts is 180.

Every player is trying to get 180 on every turn, and they are trying to do it as much as they can in each individual match. So you’ll have an opportunity to bet on the total amount of 180s that get hit in a single match.

Most 180s

You can also bet on who will have the most 180s in a single tournament (or a single match) if that’s something you want to do with darts betting in Maryland.

Most of the time you’ll be able to choose between one player or another, but you can also choose for both players to “draw” and throw the same amount of 180s in that competition.

Player 180s

Instead of betting on the amount of 180s that a player throws in a specific match you’ll instead be betting on the total amount of 180s they throw throughout the entirety of the tournament. This is something you’re really going to want to look at advanced statistics and analytics for before you make this kind of wager.

Nine dart finish

If you put down a “nine dart finish” wager you are basically saying that you believe one of the players in that match are going to throw nine darts (the fewest darts possible) to win a match.

Handicap two way

A handicap two way wager is one of the more unique darts betting odds MD bookies offer, allowing you to bet on the spread of dart matches even though the game doesn’t traditionally have this kind of scoring built right in.

These probably aren’t the best wagers to start with if you are new to the sport.

Highest player checkout

A checkout in the game of darts happens when the final three are thrown by a player and the leg of a match. You can wager on the player you think will pull this feet off or you can place a wager on which number you think the player will score to checkout, too.

Darts betting tips and strategies in Maryland


All right, now that we have given you a better lay of the land when it comes to darts betting odds, MD offers it’s time to get into the “meat and potatoes” of this guide with some darts betting tips MD players will want to use ASAP.

Track as many events as possible

The more information you have about darts players (especially those that rotate through different tournaments in different circuits) the more successful you are going to be. Try and track as many events as possible, including events you aren’t going to put any money on.

Good floor players sometimes don’t show up in the bright lights

“Floor players” in the world of darts are those that have a tremendous amount of success when the tournaments are kept off of TV or the internet. These players can be incredibly dominant – including when stacked against some stiff competition – but sometimes wilt away the moment the TV cameras come out.

Make sure that you factor this into all of the wagers you’re making with darts betting in Maryland.

Homefield advantage is real in darts

Having the crowd on your side during a darts tournament is a game changer. We see this all the time in big tournaments. When the crowd gets behind a player (a hometown kid or just a fan favorite) they can give them a jolt of energy and a mountain of confidence that carries them through the game.

Shorter event formats can throw curveballs left and right

If you want to have a lot more confidence in the darts betting odds MD bookies are offering it’s a good idea to try and put your money down on longer event formats compared to shorter formats.

Shorter formats always have a lot more unpredictability. You never know when some crazy surprises going to come out of nowhere and blow things up, just because a player sits on a heater and throws the match of their life.

Longer tournaments have more consistency of play (for obvious reasons). Therefore, more consistent tournaments are always smarter wagers.

Play side markets to boost your odds of coming home a winner

Choosing the winner of a match or a tournament can be an easy way to get into darts betting MD action, but there are a lot of side markets that you want to check out, too.

Total 180s, nine dart finishes, handicap two way wagers, and other options can spice things up if you’re starting to feel traditional darts bets are little lackluster.

FAQs darts betting in MD

Am I legally able to bet on darts in the state of Maryland?

You can legally bet on darts in the state of Maryland these days without any worry.

What’s the best way to fund my dart betting account in MD?

The easiest way to fund your dart betting account is to use a prepaid card, a credit or debit card, or another “instant payment” option that gets your funds ready to rock ‘n’ roll straightaway.

Do I need to know a lot about darts to place bets on the events?

You don’t need to know a ton about the history of darts to place wagers on these events, but it doesn’t hurt to know about the major players, the rules, tournament structures, and things of that nature.

Are there live betting options available for darts in MD?

Some bookies do in fact offer live betting options for darts betting in Maryland right now. Not every match is going to have live streaming capabilities, though so don’t expect this to be available every time.

How do I know who the favorite and underdog are in darts?

If you’re looking to find the favorite and the underdog in the world of darts just look for two specific symbols. Favorites will always have (-) next to their name while underdogs will always have (+) next to theirs.