F1 betting in Maryland

Formula 1 is the most popular sport within its category, in the world. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that when online gambling was legalized in this state, many people began F1 betting in Maryland.

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Guide to Formula 1 betting in MD

In this guide, we want to discuss the absolute basics of formula one betting. This means discussing how odds work. It means discussing the best places to gamble. It means discussing the best types of bets for new gamblers. Basically, this is a quick start guide to F1 betting in Maryland for anybody that has never gambled before.

How to choose a site for F1 betting in Maryland


First things first, before you can actually bet on F1 in Maryland, you are going to need a place to wager. This means hunting down an awesome F1 betting site that allows you to choose this sport from their sports market.

In the next section, we want to tell you the best sportsbooks for Formula 1 betting in Maryland. First, however, since we know that many of you are going to be new to F1 betting, we thought it would be wise to start by talking about what makes an F1 online betting site a good place to gamble.


We would never suggest gambling at a F1 sportsbook that has attracted a lot of negative reviews or really seems to be a no-name brand. We know that F1 betting in Maryland may be new, but there are plenty of reputable sites that you can gamble at. These are sites that are going to take your security seriously.

Betting markets

If you don’t know what betting markets are, we do not suggest that you fret too much. Later on, we are going to discuss various F1 betting markets. All you really need to know right now is that they are ways to bet.

The more options you have at your disposal when it comes to betting, the more chances you have of winning. We would never recommend a provider that focuses on simple bets e.g. moneylines (although moneylines are still great markets!)

Maryland F1 betting odds

Even if you are not a regular gambler, then you will probably already have an idea of what betting odds mean. Betting odds determine how much you are going to win if your bet comes through. The better the odds, the more you win. As you will discover soon, it is impossible for an online betting site to always have the best odds. You may need to be a member of various websites to ensure that you can always make the most of your bets.

MD F1 betting bonuses

Betting bonuses are small promotions that F1 sportsbooks may offer. Welcome bonuses are there to get you on the site. This may be a risk-free bet or just a free bet. Regular gamblers on F1 may be able to enjoy enhanced odds promotions, etc.

Customer support

With decent Maryland sportsbooks, rarely, you will ever need to talk to the customer support team. However, it is nice to know that if you run into an issue, perhaps with your bets or withdrawals, somebody will be there to help you.

F1 mobile betting

Most people will gamble from their mobile devices nowadays. This means that you want to find a F1 betting site that makes this simple to do. For example, they may have a mobile app that you can use. However, if they don’t, then it would be great if they had a website that displayed properly on mobile devices.

Site experience

Site experience can cover many different areas. Obviously, you want a site that is going to make it easy to place your bets. You may also want a site that has several withdrawal and deposit options available.

Finally, you will almost certainly want a secure website. We suggest that you go through several Maryland online betting sites and find whatever UI works best for you. A F1 sportsbook we love may not necessarily be the right site for you.

Best F1 betting in Maryland


Since you are probably looking to dive into F1 betting in Maryland without any fuss, we figured that we would go out and hunt down some of the best F1 sites for motorsports betting in Maryland for you. These are sites that we enjoy gambling at. You may want to sign up for a few of these to ensure that you always have access to the best odds.

Remember, one of the joys of betting on F1 is that it is just a series of races under the same banner. This means that you will never run into the problem of a F1 sportsbook not covering the race you want to bet on. Well, if they offer F1 betting, that is.

BetMGM F1 betting

BetMGM is a brand backed by one of the largest gambling companies in the world. While BetMGM MD doesn’t always offer some of the most exciting prop bets, they do tend to do well when it comes to odds.

Pointsbet Formula One betting

In the lead-up to F1 races, you shouldn’t be surprised if Pointsbet Maryland starts to offer enhanced odds on some of their prop bets. In fact, they sometimes offer enhanced odds on your typical moneyline bet too. it is always worth checking them out.

Draftkings F1 betting

Draftkings Maryland loves everything to do with the sport, and F1 is no exception. So expect plenty of open markets. You can also expect live gambling too. Perfect for when you are watching F1 on TV and want to bet.

Fanduel F1 betting

Fanduel Maryland offers one of the best mobile apps for sports betting that we have ever seen. If you tend to gamble from your mobile device, then checking out Fanduel is probably going to be a safe bet.

Barstool sportsbook F1 betting

Barstool Sportsbook is a great place for staking your cash on prop bets. In our experience, they also tend to have some pretty decent odds for F1 futures too.

How betting odds for Formula 1 work


If you already know how betting odds work, then feel free to skip this section. However, if you don’t, then this information is going to come in incredibly useful.

How F1 betting odds are calculated

Betting odds are supposed to be a reflection of which outcome is most or least likely to happen in a race. Therefore, the least likely an event is to happen, the higher the odds will be. This means that if you bet, you will see a greater return.

When betting odds are first posted, a F1 provider will likely calculate the odds through statistical analysis of past races. When they have been posted, the odds are in the hands of the punters. If some bets attract more cash than others, the odds will be automatically adjusted for other bets to attract a stake or two there.

Due to this automatic adjustment works, it is impossible for a F1 sportsbook to always have the best odds available. This is why we always recommend you have a couple of sites you are a member of.

How to read F1 betting odds

These are examples of betting odds that you may see posted for F1:

  • +124
  • -89
  • +900
  • -123

Whenever you see a – before a number, you are looking at a favorite. The number tells you the amount you would need to stake on the F1 bet to win $100. Whenever you see a +, you are looking at the underdog. The number that follows tells you how much you would win if you staked $100.

If you are new to gambling, don’t worry too much about reading odds. If you are unsure how much you could win with a particular stake, then add a bet to your betting slip. This site will tell you how much that bet is worth.

Available betting markets for F1 betting in MD


When you are betting, you will need to choose a betting market. This basically means the type of bet that you want to make. In this section, we want to go through the most common betting markets that you may encounter. However, do bear in mind that there may be a site or two that offers F1 betting in Maryland that may have slightly different markets available.

Race winner (Known as moneylines)

We are sure that you don’t need us to tell you that this means choosing who will come in 1st place. With a race winner, you can bet on the winning driver or the winning manufacturer.

Podium finish

This is a bet on whether a particular driver is going to finish in the top 3 positions.

Place bets

Place bets have a lot of overlap with podium finish bets. However, place bets can extend to betting on a particular driver to finish in the top 10 (i.e. the point winning positions)

Head-to-Head betting

You can think of head-to-head betting as a mini race between 2-4 drivers. You are essentially betting on which driver will come first out of the preselected group. So it is really just a moneyline bet that doesn’t apply to the entire driver roster.

Fastest lap

Simple bet. You will be betting on who drives the fasted lap during the race.

Prop bets

Prop bets are trickier to understand. This is because they vary wildly from operator to operator. Prop bets are known as side bets. This means betting on certain things in a race.

For example, a typical prop bet may involve betting on the number of drivers that retire before finishing the race. It may also involve betting on the number of laps driven with a safety car.

Future bets

Future bets involve betting on things that may happen in the future. In the case of F1, it may mean betting on which driver will win the most races over the course of a season. It may mean betting on who wins the Driver’s Championship. It may mean betting on the winner of the Manufacturer’s Championship.

Pole position

This applies to qualifying only. After that, you will be betting on who takes the pole. So, it is really just a Moneyline bet that applies just to qualifying.


F1 betting in Maryland can be exciting. Due to the popularity of the sport, there is certainly some money to be made here. However, just as with Maryland NASCAR betting, before you dive into making your first bets, make sure you do your research.

Not only should you be looking for the best sites that offer Formula 1 bets, but you also want to ensure that you do your research into the type of bet that you can make. The gamblers that make the most are those that make sensible bets.

FAQ’s About F1 betting in Maryland

Is it legal to bet on Formula One in Maryland?

Yes. It is legal to bet on F1. You will need to be located within the state if you want to gamble, though. Your location will be checked by the betting site.

Is there a minimum bet for Formula One betting in Maryland?

Probably not. While we cannot speak for all sites that offer F1 betting in Maryland, it is very rare for there to be any sort of betting minimum. in some cases, you may be able to bet for as little as a few cents.

Can you bet on live F1 races?

Most sportsbooks will allow you to bet on live F1 races. However, you do need to bear in mind that you may not always have access to the same betting markets that were available before the start of the race.

What ID do you need to sign up to a site that offers F1 betting in Maryland?

Most online betting sites in Maryland will require that you supply them with a scan of your state-issued photo ID and a utility bill. In addition, some sportsbooks may have additional requirements on top of this.

Do betting bonuses apply to F1 gambling?

As with any bonus, you will need to check the terms and conditions. They will rarely exclude F1 gambling, though. You may, however, be expected to gamble at certain odds or wager a certain amount of cash.