MLB Betting in Maryland

Regardless of whether or not you are a seasoned veteran of MLB betting in Maryland or just looking to get started, the guide below has been designed to give you every edge and advantage possible when you want to bet MLB picks today. Oriole fans (fans in general) are going to have almost endless opportunities to pick up different MLB odds and MLB betting lines.

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Maryland MLB betting guide

With so many different wager opportunities out there right now – and so many different sportsbooks to pick and choose from – finding the best MLB betting trends and the best MLB picks today can be a bit more challenging than it probably should be.

With the inside information below, though, you’ll be able to run through betting lines pretty quickly, finding the real value in different MLB games and betting futures (like odds for example) with a lot more confidence.

Top MLB sportsbooks in MD

  • BetMGM Maryland – One of the most polished places to put down MLB picks today, everything about this online sportsbook is top shelf and premium across the board. The MLB lines and betting odds available are some of the best in the business, the bonuses are really lucrative, and the banking system is super well-engineered and easy to use.
  • PointsBet MD – You’ll have no shortage of MLB picks today when you sign up for the PointsBet online sportsbook. Offering almost unlimited small markets to pick and choose from, great live betting experiences, and a really generous welcome bonus, this is a great sportsbook for newbies and betting veterans alike.
  • DraftKings Maryland– Engineered from the ground up as a mobile-first online sportsbook, DraftKings is easy to use, easy to navigate, and very reliable. Grab it for both iOS and Android devices free of charge today to get started.
  • FanDuel MD – FanDuel continues to innovate when it comes to offering the best MLB bets today and well into the future. Their live betting options are some of the best in the business, and the futures they offer – including top-tier odds – help to separate them from the rest of the pack.
  • Barstool Sportsbook Maryland – Barstool has caught fire with their MLB sportsbook in just the last year or so, with this newcomer already becoming one of the “go-to” and most highly recommended places for MLB betting picks and wagers today.

How to read MLB odds in Maryland


Before doing any MLB betting in Maryland, though, you need to know how to gauge the MLB odds and read MLB lines to put down the right bets in the first place.

Unlike football and basketball (where a lot of betting goes with the spread), baseball betting in Maryland is very much a moneyline kind of sport – and that’s where you’re going to want to focus the majority of your attention.

Sure, prop bets, over/under, and all different kinds of other wager opportunities are available as well – but until you know the ins and outs of Moneyline MLB betting, you’re going to have a tough time “cracking the code” of this sport.

Maryland MLB betting example

As an example, let’s say that the hometown Orioles are playing the Red Sox in a three-game series. You want to put money on the first game of the series, and the odds are saying that you have the Baltimore Orioles at -200 and the Boston Red Sox at +170.

These MLB odds would tell you that Baltimore is the favorite, Boston is the underdog, and that a $100 bet on the Orioles would payout $150, whereas a $100 bet on the Red Sox would come back with a $270 payout.

Things get a little more nuanced than that when you get into more advanced MLB lines. But this is more than enough to get you started!

Understanding the run line

Similar to the point spread in football and basketball, the “run line” in MLB betting gives you an opportunity to pick and choose which team is going to “cover the line.”

Before each and every game, one team is given an advantage of 1.5 runs to create as much of a level playing field as possible. The 1.5 run line was created because the sport is (generally) more of a lower scoring sport than football or basketball.

Using the example above, let’s say that the Orioles are the favorite at -1.5, and the Red Sox are underdogs at +1.5. For the Orioles to cover, they would have to win by two or more runs. For the Red Sox to cover, they would need to win outright or lose by less than two runs.

What does “Betting the top half” mean?

Because the game has such a long season, and because there’s not a lot of meaningful data about how players (and complete teams, even) are going to perform until you get into July and August, a lot of people like to “bet the top half” of games early in the season.

Many of the best sportsbooks in Maryland allow you to bet the top half, which basically means you’re able to bet as though the first five innings of the game were the entirety of the game.

With this kind of wager, anything that happens after the fifth inning onward is like it never happened at all! So that allows you to eliminate a lot of the bullpen and a lot of the late-inning changes that can happen, particularly during early-season.

MLB totals in MD – worth playing around with?

Totals in MLB are basically the over/under style bet you can find in many other sports and offer some of the best MLB odds for beginners that don’t necessarily want to get into the complexity and nuances of other types of wagers.

In our Orioles and Red Sox example, you might have an over/under of 7.5 for that game.

This just means that at the end of the game, the combined score from both the Orioles and Red Sox would either be more than 7.5 or less than 7.5 – and the right pick (over or under) would pay off.

MLB MD Futures betting – picking world series winners

Futures MLB betting in Maryland is unbelievably popular, especially when it comes to breaking down and get into some Maryland World Series betting odds that are released before every season starts.

MLB betting in Maryland that has to do with futures usually revolves around picking teams that are going to make the playoffs, teams that are going to win the pennant, and teams that are going to take home the title of champion.

These kinds of wagers are basically you putting money down on something you think will happen in the future, either this season or in many seasons going forward.

For example, if you think the Orioles have a great team next year, you could put a futures bet right now on them winning the next season. Likewise, if you had a look at their farm system and feel like they are going to be more competitive five years from now, you can put a futures wager down on that today as well.

Props and live betting feels purpose-built for MLB

Prop betting action in the world of MLB betting is ridiculously popular, simply because there are only a handful of things that can actually happen on every pitch – and if you’re willing to do a little bit of number crunching and know the game at all, you can likely predict what’s going to happen next with some certainty.

Prop bets can be placed as MLB picks today for how many runs batted in a specific player is going to have, how many bases a player is going to steal that game, how many home runs a team or both teams are going to hit in that game, how many strikeouts a picture will have that day, and the list goes on and on!

Live betting also lets you bet with every single pitch. For example, you’ll be able to wager whether or not the next pitch is going to be a strike or a ball, whether a player is going to get a single, double, triple, or home run, or if they are going to ground out or pop out.

Live MLB betting in Maryland is particularly popular right now, just because you get to stay engaged with each pitch in a way that traditional wagers make a little difficult.

The importance of finding the right sportsbook

At the end of the day, though, all the sports betting in Maryland strategies in the world aren’t going to amount to much of anything if you’re not placing your MLB picks with the right online sportsbook.

Finding the best sportsbook around is easier today than ever before, but also a little more challenging than most expect – just because there are so many top options to pick and choose from. To help get a jumpstart on things, here are five of our favorite sportsbooks you’ll want to consider going forward.

FAQ’s About MLB Betting in Maryland

Can I bet on MLB legally in Maryland?

100%! MLB betting in Maryland is completely legitimate, completely legal, and almost foolishly easy to get started with, thanks to the great online sportsbooks available today.

How do I get money into my account to bet with? Pull out my winnings?

Different sportsbooks have different banking systems for you to pick and choose from. Most are going to let you deposit from all major debit and credit cards, bank accounts, and online payment systems. Withdrawing your money usually has to be done through a bank account, prepaid card, or digital payment service.

Are all online MLB sportsbooks in Maryland basically the same?

Many of the sportsbooks offering MLB betting in Maryland today are very similar to one another, but all of them have their own subtleties and nuances – as well as special features that help to separate them from one another. So it’s not a bad idea to be signed up with multiple books to get the best MLB betting experience possible.

Can you bet on parlays in MLB?

Parlays can be bet on with Major League Baseball, but it can be difficult to get these parlays to hit for a variety of different reasons. Teasers are (generally) not available with MLB, though.

Are my MLB sportsbooks winnings taxable?

Your sportsbook winnings are potentially going to be counted as taxable income. That’s something you’ll want to talk to tax experts about, though.