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Hockey betting in Maryland

Hockey fans in the Old Line State are gearing up for an exciting season. And with hockey betting in Maryland, it’s time to up the ante.

You’ve got a whopping number of regular-season games to bet on this year. You’ve got a little entertainment money in your back pocket. You’re ready.

So we’re going to show you a few simple steps to bet smart and successful this hockey season.

We’ve got everything you need to choose a hockey betting sportsbook, navigate hockey betting terms, and boost your odds in the betting arena.

Hockey sportsbooks in Maryland

We have compared the different sportsbooks in MD to find out which ones are actually best for betting on ice hockey. There are many factors and criteria that sportsbooks need to master in order to be ranked as the best in the tough competition. All gaming companies have their strengths and weaknesses. Our job is to help you find the best ones.

Choose your Hockey sportsbook(s) in MD

First up, you’ll be needing more than one sportsbook. So your best bet (excuse the pun) is to have a stable of reliable sportsbooks to draw from.

Don’t think you really need more than one?

Trust us, you do. For starters, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

Secondly, you want the best bonuses for your bet. For example, let’s say you’ve got $100 to wager on a North Division game. Which sportsbook is offering the best deposit match or a solid Risk-Free Bet bonus?

Building a stable of sportsbooks is straightforward, as long as you know what to look for. And we’re showing you exactly what to look for right now.

Check if it’s trustworthy

There are plenty of legit, legal Maryland sportsbooks that operate honestly. We’ll assume that you’re only looking at legal sportsbooks that are licensed to accept your hockey betting picks in Maryland.

  • But do they honor your bets?
  • Do they pay out users’ winnings consistently and reliably?
  • Do they have largely positive independent reviews?

Basically: how trustworthy are they?

You can get most of the answers you need by checking reviews online at a reputable third-party site… Or you can skip to this section, and we’ll show you some of the best.

Check how it handles your money

You’ve signed up. You’ve made your first deposit. Finally, you’re ready to bet on this weekend’s games. But there’s just one catch: Your deposit won’t clear for 72 hours.


This should be a dealbreaker. Look for sportsbooks that make it easy and fast to deposit funds. Topping up your sportsbook account should be instant. To do this, you’ll want to find the ones that:

  • Accept all major debit/credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discovery
  • Accept PayPal or other major eWallets: ApplePay, AmazonPay, etc.
  • Some of the top-tier sportsbooks—and we’ll get to them in a minute—also accept gift cards from MasterCard and Visa.

Keep in mind that you’ll be assigned a deposit limit when you sign up. To increase it, you’ll need to provide some verification information.


There are a few factors to look at when it comes to cashing out.

  • Are the withdrawal fees reasonable?
  • What are the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits?
  • What withdrawal methods are available?
  • How long will it take for your withdrawal request to be processed?

By default, most sportsbooks payout to the account you use to deposit funds. So if you paid by Discovery card, for example, that’s the account that will receive your winnings.

Check how it handles your information

In simple terms, here’s what you want:

Security: Legitimate sportsbooks use secure payment protocols. If you need to enter credit/debit card details, you’ll be redirected to a verification page. In addition, your information will be stored in accordance with digital encryption policies.

Safety: Your personal details won’t be shared with a third party or used for marketing purposes. You can opt-out of marketing emails. The sportsbook’s privacy policy will be accessible online.

Privacy: Your data will be protected through either SSL—Secure Sockets Layer—or TSL—Transport Security Layer—protocols.

Check the treats

We want bonuses. We love bonuses.

Maryland sports betting bonuses help you stock up your chips, build your bankroll, and learn on the move.

They’re established to keep you coming back, to build loyalty with users, and to keep the sportsbook competitive—so make sure you’re getting the best bonuses on offer.

Some to watch for are:

  • Welcome; sign up bonuses
  • Daily sign-in boosts
  • Odds boosters
  • Reload and deposit matches

Think of bonuses and rewards like a BOGOF (buy one, get one free) offer or an added perk to doing what you planned on doing anyway.

Check the odds

Let’s say you’ve found a few sportsbooks. They’re all trustworthy. They all process payments securely. They all use SSL and 3D secure payments. They all have good bonuses.

None of it matters if they don’t have a strong hockey betting menu.

Check that your sportsbook offers:

  • Relevant, current information on hockey events and upcoming games
  • A variety of hockey betting lines
  • An assortment of prop bets
  • Competitive odds
  • A good in-game interface with a fast refresh rate

Check their customer service

This is an easy one, but it’s going to be vitally important if things go wrong. Check reviews to see how this Maryland online betting site deals with complaints and problems.

Another quick way to establish the quality of a sportsbook’s customer service is the Contact Us section of their site.

  • Is there a phone number you can call?
  • What are their office hours?
  • Do they have a live chat feature?
  • Do they have contact forms or an email address?

Check out our expert recommendations

We get it—there’s no time to go through all that. So we’re also giving you our top 5 hockey betting picks for Maryland bettors.

  • PointsBet
  • FanDuel
  • DraftKings
  • BetMGM
  • Barstool Sportsbook

Got a specific focus in mind? Here are our Go-To sportsbooks:

  • Best deposit bonuses: Go to DraftKings
  • Best Stanley Cup ; Divisional Futures: Go to PointsBet
  • Best live in-game hockey betting: Go to FanDuel
  • Best user interface and global support: Go to BetMGM
  • Bet for insights and interaction (they’ve got a podcast): Go to Barstool

Know your Hockey bets – Maryland

You’ve set up your sportsbook accounts. You’ve scored some sweet bonuses, and they’re burning a hole in your cyber-pocket. So it’s time to bet.

Here’s a quick run-down on what you need to know to craft a killer hockey betting strategy.


This is the type of bet everyone knows: you pick the winner.

Puck Line

The bet is based on a 1.5 goal puck line, and your team needs to cover the line for you to cash up.


You bet on the standard over/under—the total goals scored in a game.


In futures betting, you place your wager on a future outcome—like the winner of the Stanley Cup.

Prop Bets

You bet on an individual outcome, like the first goal or assist.

Live In-Game Bets

You’ll be betting on the game as it happens.


With a parlay bet, you put down one wager to cover multiple moneyline outcomes.

If one of those picks is wrong, though, you lose it all.

Know the tricks of Hockey betting in Maryland

Research is the key component to hockey betting that boosts your odds. But there are a few more elements that go into competitive hockey betting:

  • Bet with your head. Historic bias—betting on the team that one last year—isn’t a solid betting strategy. Likewise with betting on that team because they’ve got a famous player. Bet smart by considering the metrics.
  • Know the metrics. The hardest part of handicapping hockey is goaltending, but it still pays to consider it. Likewise, with possession-based metrics, implied probability, and closing line value. It might not be the fun part, but it will boost your winning rate exponentially.
  • Choose the right sportsbook. Remember how we talked about that here?

FAQ’s About Hockey betting in Maryland

Can I bet on hockey in MD from my phone?

Yes. All our top sportsbook picks offer mobile versions of their website. DraftKings and some of the others also have an app for iOS or Android…or both.

I follow a hockey handicapper. Does that mean I’ll win?

No. Handicappers have great insight, but there are multiple elements that impact a game on the day. So use their picks as a guide only, and learn to rely on your own research.

How do I know my credit card details are safe when I bet online?

Check these guidelines, or send your sportsbook a question.

Is hockey betting in Maryland legal?

Yes, it is. Maryland’s sports betting bill was signed into law on the 18th of May, 2021, by Gov. Larry Hogan. It was made effective immediately as an emergency bill.

What kinds of information do I need to sign up with a sportsbook?

You’ll need two forms of ID: proof of identity and proof of address. The former could be a passport or driver’s license, and the best proof of address is a utility bill—like a phone, cable, or electric bill. Some sportsbooks also do online verification for fast processing.