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Golf betting in Maryland

You may love golf, but is it possible to love it even more? With legal golf betting in Maryland, the game gets even more exciting when you have a stake in it.

If you live in Maryland, being a golf fan has never been better.

As of May 2021, you can now legally bet on golf in the state, which joins several others in American doing the same.

There are many options for types of betting and where to place your golf bets, including sportsbook websites and mobile apps.

Golf betting guide MD

From the breadth of tournaments covered to a multitude of bonuses and betting options, golf betting in Maryland is an exciting new way for sports fans to become more engaged with their favorite game.

Tee off – there are winnings to be had.

Best sportsbooks for Golf betting in Maryland

Barstool Sportsbook

Sports media company Barstool has been hosting its own betting sportsbook since September 2020 and boasts an engaging, fun-to-use web interface and mobile app.

Its golf offerings are strong and broken down by name of tournament or championship. It’s also easy to view individual player odds under each tourney.

Best betting bonus: $1,000 risk-free bet for new bettors. If your first bet loses, it’s cover by a free bet of up to $1,000.


Overall, Pointsbet earns high marks for its online sportsbook and the number of bonuses offered (as an option for bettors, it also uses a trademark system of betting rewards called Points betting) and its live betting choices.

Its golf section is also impressive, with an attractive design and all the information on one page, including a lineup of upcoming available golf odds.

Best betting bonus: Two $2,000 risk-free bets (matching your first deposit). Includes up to $500 if you lose your first odds bet and up to $1,500 on a first Pointsbetting wager loss.


Fanduel is highly regarded in the online sportsbook industry for the depth of its offerings and its easy-to-use website and mobile app.

Along with a lineup on upcoming tournaments, it includes helpful reads on golf betting tips and strategy advice.

Best betting bonus: Up to $1,000 risk-free bet if your first wager loses.


Backed by MGM resorts, BetMGM is known for its fair odds, live streaming available and frequent promotions, including those tied to golf tournaments.

Each tour often comes with betting specials. For example, a recent bonus was tied to Brooks Koepka and Chase Koepka, both making the cut at the Travelers Championship.

Best betting bonus: New customers get a risk-free first bet of up to $600.


Draftkings is best known for its fantasy sports offerings, but its online sportsbook is equally impressive and well-designed.

It offers a comprehensive guide to golf betting, including types of bets and approaches to take whether you’re an amateur or professional bettor.

Best betting bonus: Refer someone to Draftkings, and you both can receive a free bet of up to $100.

Betting on Golf in Maryland

Golf betting in Maryland is legally available to anyone 21 and older who lives in the state.

To register with Maryland online sportsbooks, you need to prove your identity in multiple ways, including something that shows your address.

Golf betting may be available in the form of physical sportsbooks within larger gambling institutions, but also on state-regulated online sportsbooks, which partner with larger companies, too.

What can you wager on with Golf betting?

It depends on the sportsbook, but the big yearly golf tournaments are always popular, including the Masters, the U.S. Open, the PGA Championship, the Ryder Cup, the Players Championship, and LPGA tournaments.

You can also bet on individual golfers within a slew of other tournament stops and championships.

How to get started betting on Golf

The first step: registering with an online sportsbook that fits your needs.

You’ll need to submit some personal information to begin with, including your name and address, as well as ways to confirm your identity, sometimes a photo identification or something that confirms your address, such as a power bill.

When you register, you may be sent promo codes, betting bonuses just for signing up.

We’ll rundown some popular golf betting bonuses below, but typical sign-up bonuses include free bets, risk-free bets, or deposit matching. You must submit your promo code to claim such bonuses.

Once you deposit money into your account, you’re ready to bet.

Betting slips are usually found on an online sportsbook’s main page. There, you’ll fill out all the information about your specific wager.

Deposits can be made through various methods, including credit and debit cards, bank wires, e-checks, cryptocurrency, PayPal, and more.

There are also many methods available for withdrawals, including bank cards, e-wallets, checks, and cryptocurrency.

Top types of Golf bets

There is a wide range of bets on golf for you to consider in a sportsbook. Here’s what’s typically offered.

Head-to-head Golf line

Specific to golf, head-to-head bets let you wager on a head-to-head match between players within a tournament using the player’s basic odds.

Golfers are paired with each other when they tee off, and your player pick doesn’t even have to win for you to win — they just have to be better than their tourney mate.

Top three finishers Golf line

Golf is a little different than other big sports in that you can bet not just on a clear winner but on your prediction of who will be behind the top three scores.

It’s a perfect bet for those who are unsure of who will exactly take a tournament but are confident in who will at least do well enough to make the top three.

Golf Moneyline

The most straightforward approach to sports betting, money line bets, lets you bet on a player to win, with your payout depending on the odds.

Each player is marked with favorite or underdog odds, with plus and minus signs. For example, Jordan Spieth may have a line of -250, a clear favorite. In that circumstance, to win $100, you’d need to wager $250. If you bet on the underdog, you get more money in the end.

Golf Betting Tips

Pick the right bet for you

Go with what you’re most comfortable with at first, possibly a moneyline bet, and go from there.

As you gain more experience with golf betting and understanding betting odds, try branching out into more advanced betting to get a feel for all the opportunities.

And bet early

The odds are more favorable to bettors if they bet early on a player or a tournament. Your account will thank you.

Pick the right sportsbook

All major sportsbooks, whether physical, on a website, or through a mobile app, allow golf betting.

That doesn’t mean they’re all the same.

Take some time to research all the offerings for golf within sportsbooks — the type of bets available, the tournaments and players covered, whether they have live betting.

Each sportsbook will be a little different with the depth and breadth of golf bets.

Keep track of players

Like most athletes, golfers go through ups and downs, hot streaks, and quick cooldowns (exhibit A: Tiger Woods).

Overall statistics should be considered, but staying on top of how a player is doing at any given moment will pay off big time.

FAQ’s About Golf betting in Maryland

Can I place bets during a Golf tournament?

Betting as a tournament or game unfolds is called live betting or live wagering. Many sportsbooks and mobile apps allow live betting, which relies on the changing momentum of tournaments and players’ performances. Odds may change or get more specific. For example, in the middle of tournament play, a golf betting site could set new odds in the middle of tournament play that someone will take over the lead by the end of the 18 holes.

Can I bet on Golf team competitions?

Yes, golf betting is not limited to wagering on specific players. Throughout the year, there are team play options in golf, notably the Ryder Cup, which features American players up against European golfers.

Often in golf team betting, you can bet not only on the general head-to-head matchups but also on how individual golfers will do within their team or compared to a player on the other team.

What is Golf future betting?

When exploring online sportsbooks, you may notice a section heading called “futures.” This is where you can plan your bets ahead of time, based on the odds at that moment tied to a player. It’s a great way to organize your bets in advance, especially if you are using multiple sportsbooks.

What is the golf betting dead heat rule?

This refers to adjusted winnings you may receive based on whether players tie for placement in a golf tournament. It’s common in golf for players to end up tying in their ranking based on their par score. Typically, the stake is divided by the number of those who tied and then adjusted at normal odds.

Should the type of course impact how I bet?

It’s something to consider, especially if you’re betting on an individual golfer. Some players have a history of performing better on specific courses compared to others, as well as doing well with a type of golf course design.

The course could factor in the odds matched to a player — and whether you want to bet on them.